TLS #155: Your Questions Answered – Flow, Vices, Travel Routines & Int’l Dating


Today I’ve got a fun episode covering many questions asked in this July’s Q+A call out.

I’m discussing a variety of subjects including: how I found my coaches, whether I’m feeling freedom (or boredom) from my travel capsule wardrobe, my advice for overcoming vices, things I miss about the US, my “must see” recommendations, and my experiences dating internationally.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning about the subjects I shared above along with my travel approach, intuition + career, and more.






  • Where are you staying during your travels? Do you figure it out one day at a time?
  • What do you miss most about the US?
  • It seems like your coaches have been incredibly helpful and influential during this huge transition period.
  • I was wondering how you found them and how you knew they were the right fit for you?
  • I’ve been loving following along on your adventure! I’d love to know if you’re finding any new rituals or routines abroad that you’re hoping to incorporate into your life back home — wherever that may be ?.
  • Must see recs from your trip so far?
  • I’ve found myself so excited and I’ll be honest a little envious of you adventure (in the kindest way). If you were to try to recreate your adventure “at home” how would you do it? What parts have felt the best?
  • Do you ever find yourself purposely not writing to your intuition so you can instead focus on living in the moment and not looking for answers or do you find that writing to your intuition helps calm a busy ego driven mind so you’re more easily able to live in the moment?
  • What tips would you give to someone trying to give up a major vice?
  • I was wondering how you manage to stay grounded while abroad. I’ve been on two extended trips and both times I’ve found the lack of routine difficult and I’ve ended up feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and then I feel like I don’t get as much out of the experience as I should. I would love to hear some tips!
  • I know it’s time to leave my job, for moral and health reasons (stress) but I can’t because of financial need for steady income for my family. Staying put and doing the work is fine, it’s dealing with leadership that is hard. What process do you go through when you know it’s time to leave but you have to stay?
  • What’s in your handbag/day pack while you are traveling, does it differ from what you’d carry around back home?
  • Would love to hear an update on your book! Are you writing while traveling or is the project on hold? So looking forward to reading it! Love following your travels!
  • I’d love to hear how you’re feeling with the limited wardrobe – is it boring yet or is the limited options more freeing?
  • How do you cope with being away from your family and friends when you’re on your travels?
  • What kind of technology do you have with you to continue podcasting?
  • How do you reconcile the idea of flow with the idea that there are some things worth working or overcoming obstacles for?
  • Do you see yourself living long term in Europe sometime in the near future?? Love your podcast btw!
  • Have you tried dating in Europe? If so, how is it different from the US?
  • I recently started listening to your podcasts and I’ve learned so much about flow and intuition vs ego. I recently moved to Denver for a contract position that was supposed to last six months. It only lasted one. After that, I couldn’t find a job that paid enough and I ended up blowing through my savings and now I’m living with my mom in a small rural town and so far, my intuition isn’t telling me to move elsewhere. This scares me. In my life, I crave a close set of friends, a serious relationship, and a successful career, and I just don’t see how I’ll be able to have those things while I’m living here, especially living at home, which I’m far too old to be doing (I’m in my 30s.). How do you trust your intuition and the universe? I miss going out with friends and having a boyfriend so much that it breaks my heart a little bit. I feel like I’m missing out on such an important part of life.




Danielle Moss – The Every Girl


Sagrada Famíli in Barcelona

Sketch – Afternoon Tea

Quinta da Regaleira

Angels Surf School

Writing to Your Intuition

Apple’s FaceTime

What’s App

Audio-Technica ATR2100  Microphone







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