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Good morning! Today is the start of my first full week of work in the past three weeks. And I’m looking forward to it. As much as I love traveling, I enjoy returning to my routine.

This weekend Erwin and I hosted our college friends Marisa and Pat. It was great to catch up with them and Marisa came armed with a small bathtubs’ worth of chocolate chip cookies and a delicious cherry scone recipe (which will debut later this week). Which begs the question, how did the Modified Quantum Wellness Cleanse go?

June’s PBA: [Modified] Quantum Wellness Cleanse Summary

Now that the first two weeks of my June Personal Bank Account is over, it’s time to reflect on how well I adhered to my intention of eating a healthier, more natural foods. Below is a summary of how well I did.


Modified-Quantum-Wellness-Cleanse Summary

Week 1 and 2

I ate plenty of:

  • Fruits and vegetables – I did eat quite a bit of fruits and vegetables. And I actually ordered salads and soups at restaurants (gasp!).
  • Whole grains – Yep, I usually eat mostly whole wheat products so this step was easy.
  • Soy and beans – Not so good with cooking beans so didn’t really eat many of these guys.
  • Healthy oils – Sure, I guess so. I didn’t really think about this goal too much.

I avoided the following foods:

  • Dairy (trace amounts in bread allowed) – I did avoid dairy except for when at home eating my mom’s dinners. I decided it wasn’t worth changing my mom’s menu.
  • Meat – Besides a few dishes while visiting my family, I didn’t eat meat.
  • White flour – Besides baked goods, I didn’t eat white flour.
  • Added sugar – Here is where I slipped (majorly). Erwin baked me cookies (pictured above) while I was visiting my family and I had (and wanted) to eat them. Didn’t you know boyfriend cookies don’t have sugar? Oh, the same goes for Marisa’s cookies. I think something about the love counteracts the sugar… not sure Kathy Freston would agree, but this is my modified cleanse.
  • Caffeine (except tea) – I did avoid pop (or ‘soda’ for all of you readers outside the Midwest). But I did drink an occasional sugar-free latte.
  • Alcohol (limited to twice a week) – Vacation and hostessing in the city was not conducive to this intention. I didn’t drink more than a few glasses at one time.

Week 3

Follow week 1 and 2 and add dairy (CHEESE!) into the mix. – This is where I am now. So far, so good.

So… when I look at the cleanse I can say that though I didn’t follow through 100%, I was flexible and worked with the intentions as best I could, adapting to vacation and visitors. And overall, I did curb a lot of the poorer eating habits I had been picking up in recent months. Going forward, I intend to keep most of these guidelines in mind. But there will definitely be cheesy oatmeal in my future. No questions asked!

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  1. Kaitlyn

    I’m glad it went well for you! I had a lot of modifications as well, but I’m happy that you can now eat your cheesy oatmeal!

  2. Jill

    Those cookies look delish! There is no way you can pass up cookies made by your boyfriend! Check out my hummus recipe on my blog today… there are your beans and your veggies! And it hardly tastes healthy at all!

  3. Jess

    @ Kaitlyn: It was good to eat cheesy oatmeal (I had some today! With sour cream! And cilantro! <- Dork). How did your cleanse go? @ Jill: Thanks for the hummus recipe, it looks awesome (and easy enough for me to attempt :))

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