TLS #220: Your questions answered: changing big plans, book recommendations, finding a coach & efficient alignment

Today I have a fresh new answers to a fresh new batch of Season 4 questions!

I’m covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Should I change big plans based on intuition?
  • What are my tips for solo female travelers?
  • What’s on my current reading list?
  • How have new cultures have changed my perspectives?
  • How to tell if a negative feeling is ego or intuition?
  • What do my morning and evening routines look like?
  • And more!

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear my candid thoughts on a wide range of topics including intuition, travel, flow, books, and business.








  • If you could suggest one perfect book to research how to tap into your intuition what would it be?

  • Do you have any new countries and continents you plan to explore? How does it feel coming back to Europe after your time in Australia? Also, what’s your favorite thing you’ve eaten in Lisbon?

  • What are you currently reading?

  • Could you give some tips/suggestions on prospective solo female travelers: following your intuition, safety, logistics…

  • How do you stay aligned and calm when dealing with negative people?

  • Have you considered doing an ayahuasca ceremony to tap into a higher intelligence?

  • Have you experienced a situation of following your intuition to plan for something in the future (like sign up to attend a conference or a trip months away) to find once the actual event arrives your intuition says don’t go? Would you skip the conference/trip? How do you, or do you suggest, reconciling a conflict with your past intuition’s plans and then presently feeling differently, especially when it involves cancelling something big like cancelling big plans?

  • Are there any new “things” that you’ve picked up along your travels that now influence the way you think, how you act, or what you do?

  • How did you learn to truly listen to your body (when it comes to being hungry, full, etc.)? Do you have any tips, book recommendations, or anything of that nature?

  • Do you feel that staying connected with your intuition helps keep you excited about your day-to-day and full of light? Do you feel like staying connected is a good remedy for staying content in life even when not very much change is happening ?

  • How do you reconcile when you get feelings that make you feel that perhaps you’re not on the right path?

  • Any tips on staying in the present moment while catching up with friends and family?

  • Do you have any recommendations or tips for changing your emotional frequency and getting into alignment more efficiently?

  • Any thoughts about the warm/tingly feeling around the middle of my chest when I’m reaching alignment?

  • How would you approach burnout using the work you’ve been doing this past year?

  • Do you have any plans to interview Esther and Abraham Hicks on your show?

  • Would you mind sharing how can you afford all these beautiful rentals, numerous flights and retreats?

  • Do you have any planning/time management tips or insight you could share?

  • Would love to know what your morning and evening routines currently look like!

  • What tips would your have on packing for an extended time period when you don’t know exactly where you will be month to month or your return date?  Are you still using your Away suitcase or do you have other luggage now? 

  • What suggestions would you give someone who is looking to incorporate coaching in their lives?

  • Do you have suggestions or tips for moving through fear and to follow your intuition when it comes to making bigger life changes?

  • Have you ever worked with a business coach and how you increased your online presence?

  • What are the three biggest changes you have seen in yourself when comparing yourself now to your before travel self?

  • Have you ever helped clients access their intuition? What did they find helpful to unlock their intuition? 

  • What would your general top three or so advice be for someone who is graduating from high school? 

  • Have you always enjoyed traveling or was it the start of your journey a year + ago that created the wanderlust? When do you ask your intuition “where should I go next?” Or do you ask that everyday?

  • I know you mentioned you haven’t V-logged because it feels like you’re always on, but is there any in the near future? It would be great to see some of your adventures and gives us fans something to aspire to.

  • How do you deal with the world of social media and how overly saturated it is with authors, bloggers, various experts, etc?

  • How do you handle things that are out of your control? As a small business owner, how do you access a point of excitement about change vs. being constantly terrified you’re going to mess it all up?

  • What are some of your Value Based Intentions at the moment? How have you seen them shift in the past year? How do you decide which life or business coach is best for you?




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