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Today’s awesome post is brought to you by Karen at Graceful Creative. Enjoy!

Edit, Add, Appreciate

I have been a longtime reader {and admirer} of Makeunder My Life. So when Jess asked me to do a guest post, I was truly honored. The idea for this guest post happened after I left a comment on her latest End of the Week Exfoliation post. I mentioned that I do something similar, but it’s called Edit, Add, Appreciate.

At the beginning of each week —usually on Saturday evenings— I contemplate what small changes I can make to help me be a better me. A more authentic version of myself. The ‘Edit, Add, Appreciate’ process is not my own original idea. I adopted the idea from the book Style Statement: Live by your own design.

Edit one thingmaterial objects, negative thoughts, bad habits, or activities that don’t reflect who you are as a person. It doesn’t have to be a physical thing; Sometimes bad habits and negative thoughts are more detrimental than physical clutter.

Add something. Bring in something or reinvent one thing in your life–thoughts, habits, activities, clothing, objects…Add something that will help you be a better person; And yes, sometimes a new pair of jeans can help!

Appreciate something or someone already in your life. Hug your children and tell them how special they are. Call your spouse, just because. Be extra polite to the guy who makes your latte. Frame that favorite piece of art.

The way I see it, is that you let your Authentic Self guide you in making these decisions. What parts of yourself –tangible or intangible– reflect who you really are? Keep the good things, and ditch the rest!

In the last year, I have edited, added, and appreciated many different things.


Since I’ve recently put my house on the market, I’ve been cleaning and decluttering like crazy. Like Jess did in March, I am doing my own Throw Out Fifty Things Challenge; therefore, my most recent *edits* have all been the things I’ve been throwing out. I must admit…I love getting rid of things that are unloved, useless, and just taking up space.



My most recent *adds* have been new habits that I’m trying to adopt. Last month, I successfully added the habit of drinking a daily green smoothie.

greendrinkThis month, I’m trying to *add* the habit of daily skincare. {I’m 37. Shouldn’t I have started this habit a few years back?!} I am having some success, but it doesn’t come naturally. But when I imagine the best version of myself, I am healthy and glowing and more importantly, I take the time to take care of myself. The best version of me is someone who takes care of herself.



For me, this is often the most difficult one to do — taking time to appreciate someone or something. I’m very goal-oriented, and I enjoy doing. Being appreciative of someone or something is more a reflective exercise than an action-oriented task. This last week, I have appreciated a do-nothing week. To clarify, last week was packed full of obligations and an endless To Do list… This week, I *appreciate* that I can just be.

I would love for you to join me and Edit, Add, and Appreciate things in your life. Remember, it’s not about re-creating yourself…it’s about finding the pieces that are authentically you and living it.

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  1. lulubrownskin

    Gorgeous, beautiful & lovely!

    I am about to do that Edit in a BIG way too [house on the market etc] & I am now triply excited about it [rather than Daunted – with a capital D! lol]

    I have also decided to plunge in…..right now & *Add* EAA to my life!!

    Thank-you for sharing, Karen!

    & thanks Jess, for being the catalyst for this marvelous ripple effect!

  2. Great post! Don’t you love just “being”? I’m always in a constant state of doing, but mostly because I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that brings. Appreciating the moment is so important. I’m trying my hardest to work on that as well. Thanks for sharing Karen.

  3. I read Edit, Add & Appreciate every Sunday and love the way it kicks off my new week. Perfect practical ideas.

  4. Great post Karen! I think I could spend more time on the “appreciate” step. I love editing and adding, but rarely do I sit back and ENJOY!

  5. Laina

    I love this idea – I also love green smoothies! My boyfriend recently got me into them and now I have shared the love with my roommates – we are all hooked!

  6. Niki

    I love this concept! In learning how to draw, they teach you to “SEE”: select, emphasize and edit. Similar idea but the implications for life would have much more impact!

  7. devon

    I’m a huge fan of an easy — easy to remember, and easy to adapt into my life. Three simple steps isn’t intimidating nor overwhelming, which makes to more likely for my to stick to…For example, it’s much easier for me to start walking 15-20 minutes a day than it is to say I’m going to lose 50 pounds. We all have things to “add” to our lives, but I love the “edit” and especially the “appreciate” parts. Thank you so much for this post!!

  8. shan

    Great post. Can you post the green smoothie recipe!!! Looks Yum!

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