TLS All Star Episode #145: Minimalism, Design, & Mental Health with Kate Arends (Wit and Delight)


Today’s All Star episode comes from mid-way through season 1 of TLS, and made a huge splash back when it aired and is definitely worth a second listen — or a first time listen if you are new to the show. : )

Designer and blogger, Kate Arends, of the very popular Wit and Delight, goes into a wide array of subjects including what minimalism is really about, the perceived pressure she feels to make her home amazing, her past mental health challenges, and she dishes out the most reshared quote in TLS history about authenticity.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about minimalism, authenticity, thriving with mental health issues, or designing for Target.








  • How homeownership is going for Kate and her husband, and the journey they took to find the home they recently purchased.
  • Kate’s thoughts on how minimalism has been warped in the design world.
  • Why Kate has devoted herself to “optimal-izing” her struggles with perfectionism and control.
  • The evolution of Kate’s design aesthetic as she creates her new home, and the pressures she can feel from creating a space given she has a new home line out for Target.
  • The challenges Kate faced with working within the constraints of a launch with Target for Wit and Delight and how she navigated those challenges to create her collection.
  • How the Target collection has changed Kate’s personally and in her career.
  • How Kate stays grounded during such an upswing in her career.
  • The struggles Kate has had with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and ADHD and her wish for others with mental health issues.
  • Kate shares her (brilliant and easy-to-understand) take on being authentic.
  • What Kate would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




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  1. So much of this episode resonated with me. Especially how she defines minimalism. I couldn’t agree more. It has so to do with so much more than something trendy. It’s a mindset first. Thanks for including this one in the All Star cast 🙂

    1. It’s wonderful to hear this episode resonated with you, Marie, especially the part about minimalism. : )

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