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Happy Memorial Day! Today I have a new Keeping It Real post by Katie of Gadanke and Making This Home. Enjoy!

I’m building two dreams at once: a home and a business.

After a long day of hanging sheetrock or installing bamboo flooring at our future home in an old airplane hangar, I come home. I’m exhausted. I make dinner for my equally exhausted husband and myself, shower, and start my second responsibility – running my online business.

I like to think that my office (which is currently in our bedroom) is always organized and streamlined like the photo above.

But that’s not always the case.

One night, when organization was at its worst and a burst of journal orders were pouring in, our bedroom resembled an archaeological dig; I had stacks of artifacts surrounding the spot where I built some of my best selling writing prompt journals.

My husband entered the room with the camera.

“Don’t take a picture!” I pleaded. “Look at this place!”

“That’s exactly why I’m taking a picture,” he said, tweaking the camera’s settings. “Your journal business is all about helping women celebrate their stories. Wouldn’t it be good to capture this part of our story? You know… be true to yourself.”

He was right. I looked at the explosion around me and laughed. My gosh, I realized I was completely trapped! I exhaled. Then I really smiled. I could feel it filling my entire self.

The piles around me that night are a symbol of progress and good things to come. They are, after all, a part of my current story. I don’t have time to declutter and organize like I used to. My writing prompt journals have become so popular that I need a big studio in the hangar to handle them all. How could I complain?

Like Jess always says, you have to design a life with intention. It’s just that sometimes the process isn’t pretty!

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  1. Thank you for this, in life you only see the edited items. Sometimes it’s refreshing to see the “before” hehe.

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