kendi and bryan’s dream report: week five

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Putting Yourself Back into Your Business

I asked Kendi to step in for me last week because I was preparing to attend a national conference for photographers. I went into it excited about the opportunity to learn from some of the best and to have the better part of three days to focus completely on our business and where we were headed. I got home, my head swimming with story after story trying to relive the sessions I had attended in order that we could figure out how to apply this into our business. Every speaker and every session had something to offer, and I wanted to ensure that I heeded their words, each with innovative and exciting ways to help increase success and to try and dodge bullets of failure.

The problems with this method is complete overload. I was paying too close attention to every word said, thinking literally rather than with perspective. What can I say? I am a theory man. Point being, I sought out advice and expertise and what I got were theories of someone else’s business experience that I was working to maneuver into our business. If there was any need for the square peg in a round hole reference, it would be now.  Albeit most of the advice was good and helpful and very useful, but I missed the biggest question of all: what does this look like for YOUR business? What does YOUR experience tell you is the best advice to heed? Each business has a threshold. As businesses mature, there tends to be more room for the adoption of new ideas that align with the original mission. But you can’t start out with ten years worth of experience of owning your business, you just start with the experience you have. Each time I try to include someone else’s theory or new idea without collaborating with my own theory or idea, I am forcing my own experiences out. Every addition of someone else was relinquishing control, and transforming our business into something not easily recognized as an extension of me.

Don’t get me wrong — I learned a lot of valuable advice and practices at my conference this week. But the best thing I learned did not come from someone else’s experience, it came from my own experience of mental overload. That’s it. I am putting myself back into my own business. I need to go with MY gut, and MY knowledge, and MY understanding of what I want MY business to be rather than only copying methods that worked for someone else.

We are all unique. Each of us has our own special gifts, talents, and beauty to pour out into the universe. I am the best me that there is, and you are the best you. I want to create a business that thrives because I did not hold back and I poured the best and worst of me into making it what it is. I know that I will make mistakes. And that is OK. I would rather make my mistakes over someone else’s.

Now let’s go out there experience life and create our own theories, shall we?

– B

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  1. Lisa

    This is something I struggle with too. It’s difficult to draw a line between needing more information and just needing to do it yourself. Lately I’ve been walking on the side of more information, so thanks for reminding me to just go for it!

  2. Lauren

    This is a fantastic post – there is so much truth in what you say! Thank you for passing it along!

  3. Clara

    Jessica- just came across your site- I’m excited to explore your blog and purchase some jewelry, it’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. amy

    So true! I always want to listen to others’ ideas and advice (because maybe they’ve been in the business longer, or they’ve been financially successful), but often our best ideas are totally random, inexpert ideas that we come up with– ones that the pros might even say, “Well, obviously, you can’t do THAT.” Ha! I think creativity and experience are both pretty important, but if I had to choose one as being more important, it’d be creativity, every time.

  5. Bryan

    Thanks everyone for such encouraging responses. It is always good to know that I am not alone in this feeling.

  6. kelsey

    Super post, Bryan. I have gone to conferences in the past and have definitely experienced the overload you write about. This is a very valuable lesson for me to hear right now. As a fashion blogger, it can be so easy to compare myself to others and try to match what they are doing rather than being true to myself. Thanks for sharing!

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