kendi and bryan’s dream report: week four

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Seeing is Believing?

Yes, it’s me again. Bryan took a week off to be an awesome husband. You’ll forgive him right?

My friend emailed me the other day, asking for advice on her new venture — an etsy shop. Now this took me by surprise as I have no experience with etsy besides one time I ordered one thing, once. That’s it. In her email you could tell that she was weary about this new start up. I could sense her lack of self-confidence in this new venture. And then she flat out said it — “I am just not very confident in myself.” Bingo. I sprung to action, as any good girlfriend would do. I immediately emailed her back telling her that she first needs to believe in herself and in her ability to create products that someone would want and love. I told her that in order for someone to believe in her product she has to believe in it most of all. Because if she, the owner, creator, maker of this good does not believe in what she is doing then why would she expect anyone else too?

Skip to me, hours later whining* to my husband/business partner about our business. Details sparred this is basically what I said “I am just not very confident in myself.” I didn’t actually say any of those words, but my husband has read my book a few times and knows it well. (Mainly because it’s short and uses a lot of pictures instead of words.) This is what he said:

“That’s stupid. You are confident in yourself. Why would you even say that?”

And I now understand where my friend was coming from. Because it’s hard to believe. It’s hard to believe in an idea, that’s why so many ideas go undeveloped. It’s hard to believe in something that isn’t quite finished, that maybe hasn’t even begun. But when it comes to a small business, believing can not just rely on seeing the results. Believing in your business has to happen every single day.

The best thing I can do is believe wholeheartedly in my business.
The best thing I can do is believe in my abilities, even one’s I’ve yet to discover.
The best thing I can do is back up my idea with action, and believing in each task.
The best thing I can do is to believe, even without seeing our idea completed.

So here is to believing until I am able to see, and no matter what I see still believing there after.

— K

*You guys know I’m exaggerating when I say words like whine, right? You guys don’t actually think that I’m whiney….

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  1. You’re absolutely right. Everything we do can go right or wrong…It’s a 50/50 thing. But, how are we supposed to know how it’s going to be if we don’t even try?

    Thanks, Kendi! This is what I needed to read today 😉

    Have a nice day!!!

  2. Nikki

    I laughed out loud at your “lots of pictures and not many words”. I then had to explain to my coworker what I was reading.

    Thank you for this. I lack confidence too, but since finding this blog via yours, I’m thinking (which is different than doing I realize) of purchasing business plan pro and starting my business plan. And dressing better too…fingers crossed 😉

  3. Gina

    So true. Believing in yourself sounds so basic, but it is a hard thing to do!

    {I whine too, it’s ok, it helps….}

  4. Lauren

    I love this post Kendi! It takes so much faith to pursue something that you can’t physically see yet. I especially like your thought of “The best thing I can do is back up my idea with action, and believing in each task.” – that is where I fail most of the time. I am great with coming up with ideas and even doing a little bit of planning from time to time, but it takes an even bigger step of faith to ACT.

    And you are not whiny at all – not for a second! 🙂 Keep believing and working towards your all’s dreams!!

  5. kelsey

    Kendi — You are so right! I think I go through this on a weekly basis with my fashion blog, thinking my outfit isn’t creative enough, or the photos aren’t “good” enough. I think it comes from comparing myself to others’ blogs and not preparing to do my best (workable closet, playing in my closet, etc.). And then I force myself to post the outfit and (surprise!) people have nice things to say. I’ve learned that you have to own it yourself before others will believe in it. So just rock it!

  6. Leili

    “The best thing I can do is believe in my abilities, even ones I’ve yet to discover.” I love that!

  7. emma

    This was such a timely post. I’m just starting out in a new venture also and just find it so increbly daunting when sometimes a bit of self doubt slips in my mind and questions the quality of the service I can provide even though I know that i am good at what I do. Its so fantastic to know that there is someone else going through this too and a bit of a knock to your self confidence is normal.

  8. Jade

    Great mantras to live by! I feel like I have this conversation with my boyfriend/ business partner every couple of days, too. He usually says the same thing and then I have to pull myself off the ground (I usually whine while laying face down in our office- tantrum pose, maybe?!) and get back to work. It’s definitely work getting a small business started, but when I make even the smallest of successes, I am so freakin’ happy that it is so worth it.

    Also, my boyfriend recently took a sharpie and wrote “winner” in my rear view mirror. Every time I drive, I see it and if nothing else, I laugh. Good luck, Kendi and Bryan- we’re rooting for you!

  9. Emily

    I love that your husbands response was “That’s stupid.” I alwasys think that the best park about my guy is that he knows how to quiet my somtimes manic thoughts or actions with a simple, blunt, maybe to others hurtful but supremely helpful to me comment. I get alot of “Hey there crazy” or “Realy…?” always accompanied with a quick hug. It’s amazing what can reign you in at times.

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