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Get Off the Pot

I’m sure when you first read that you thought “But Kendi, I don’t do drugs.” That’s good. I was just testing you. But really what I mean is “S*** or Get off the pot.” See the difference? I know you are inspired already.

Truth is, I’ve never liked that term. It’s grotesque and it always creates a gruesome and literal image in my brain. But as a new small business owner (can I claim that title yet?) I have to say this is one of the best terms I can use. I am a sales forecast analysis away from finishing our business plan that I started a month ago. Has it really taken me 30 days to get that far in? No, it’s taken me about 3 days to write 25 pages of a business plan. It took me the other 27 days to get off the pot. (Again, proverbial toilet not the drug). I want you to know the urge I am fighting to make drug jokes here. I won’t but not because I don’t want to.

So what else were we just sitting on? The design of our logo and of our brand. In January we realized that my brain can only reach so many levels of creative and so we decided to quit sitting on the fact that we can’t design what we want and decided to hire someone. A very creative someone. We stopped sitting on our weaknesses and found someone with a strength.

We also stopped turning down weddings because we weren’t “ready.”  We were sitting on a talent because we don’t have a 100% branded, beautiful business. Turns out, we are shooting a wedding this weekend. Ready or not.

I am no expert but I do know what I know. If you are sitting on something, stop sitting and start doing. If you are waiting for a new idea, a better idea, for something to be easier, you will wait for a very long time. S*** or get off the pot. Don’t make me draw it out for you or make me use this term ever again.

*Other possible analogies I could have used “Paint or get off the ladder” “Drive or get out of the car”  but those aren’t as fun.

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  1. Kayla

    I once heard an amazing quote about business,
    “Figure out what you are good at doing. Than surround yourself in people who are good at doing what you’re bad at”

    I think it’s so true, and probably the secret to success, much like Kendi says above. Thanks for the wisdom!

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