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Last night at a great “ladies only” dinner at Bistro Margot we got on the topic of kissing. We debated whether chins touch while making out. If so, can a man’s 5 o’clock shadow cause skin irritation on the lady’s chin? Has this ever happened to anyone, and if so, is there a solution?

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes! Stub rub is absolutely a problem with certain guys. Perhaps I have overly sensitive skin, but I need a solution ASAP otherwise I may have to put the kabbash on a new relationship. Can’t be walking around as Rudolph, the red-chinned reindeer! Any suggestions, ladies (or gentleman!)??

  2. Olga

    Oh yes, many times. It’s the worst, takes all the fun out of kissing. I’ve found the only way to solve this is for the guy to shave completely smooth, or to go all the way and grow the beard out. But anything in between will cause a lovely dry, red patch on the girl’s chin.

  3. Anonymous

    I definitely have had this problem in the past, and have yet to find a solution, besides having the guy shave, It can be quite unsightly afterwards not to mention the discomfort during!

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