TLS #162: A Lively Adventure – What Knowing Feels Like (& What To Do When You Don’t Know)


Today’s Lively episode is the first “Adventure” now that I’m back in the US! As I’m here once again, my ego wants to know where I’ll live, or at least when I’ll know where I want to live… ASAP.

But the truth is: I don’t have any intuition about that right now.

As I live in this murky place of uncertainty, I’m sharing the two biggest things I’m focusing on, which also apply to anyone else going through a phase of unknowing in relationships, career, or otherwise.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to know what “knowing” feels like, or for anyone who is in a phase of “not knowing” at the moment and wants some direction and clarity for this season of life.








  • How I’m learning to handle integrating the new experiences I had abroad with the familiar experiences I’ve had before the trip.

  • My unanswered question of, “When will I know where I should be?”

  • I’ll talk about what knowing feels like and what to do when you don’t know.

  • How when we don’t have the knowing, we procrastinate or take fearful inaction, or we lean into another person’s “knowing” instead of using our own intuition.

  • How using another person’s knowing is actually their ego projecting their personal values, experience, and satisfaction onto you, thus preventing you from living your life from you own Values.

  • Why collecting the data through real world experience will eventually allow that sense of knowing to come about and be able to move forward confidently.

  • How data collecting proves what we want and don’t want.

  • How important to keep the practice and all is coming mentally.

  • Why we want to grow, be challenged and have fun along the way, which is how we have to experience life.

  • Why we need to go with the Flow without forcing it or fighting it, rather find the flow that feels natural, ease-filled and fluid.




“Hold On” by Rivvrs

Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute 

Abraham Hicks








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  1. amandasusan

    The show to me feels like its turned into your personal journal rather than a podcast. I’m about to stop listening because the things that got me listening in the first place just isn’t there anymore. I miss the conversation. It almost feels like your heart isn’t into podcasting anymore.

    And I offically hate the word flow, I hope to never hear it again.

  2. DeShon Woods

    I love this episode! I love how you are able to apply your personal experience or “adventure” to learning opportunities for the listener. You spoke directly to me with the message of not listening to the the “P’s” in your life because they may not share your Values and what brings them joy may not bring you joy. So important to consider when making decisions.

  3. Marie

    Thanks for sharing your journey, Jess! It continues to uplift and inspire me <3 And I'm so jealous you get to see Abraham Hicks – have fun 🙂


  4. Angelica

    Hi Jess, Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey! I actually find so much value out of it. It’s much more helpful to see the “behind the scenes” of how people live and make decisions on their life’s path rather than someone just telling us that they do something. Your last two podcasts were especially inspiring for me. Thank you!

  5. Katie

    Hi Jess!

    Thanks for sharing this part of your journey. While I have
    missed the more entrepreneur focused episodes, I trust that your change in
    focus is intuitively led, which is always the best way to go. And I did particularly
    like what you shared in this episode. There were so many great pieces of truth
    and wisdom (I took notes!) that you shared that were very reaffirming for me about
    the choices I am making in life right now. It’s scary not to know what comes
    next or whether a particular outcome will or won’t be right around the corner. But then it’s scarier to think of what kind of life I will have lived if at the end of it I
    realize that I never followed my intuition and instead made choices based on
    others’ opinions/values.

    In thinking about all this, I’m reminded of your vlog that chronicled your decision to sell your house. In it, you said: “I want to live this step. I know that the next step is going to be so much better because I am living this one fully 100%. I don’t know where I am going to live and so in order to have peace about that I’m going to have to fully live that day in London. And then the next day in London.” And now, you are fully living each day back in the States. It’s scary and hard at times and yet it’s the best way to move forward. I say this for myself too multiple times a day.

    Anyhow, just wanted to thank you for sharing your vulnerability and wisdom and throw some love back your way. You got this!


  6. Janet van Buel

    Hi Jess, i was afraid i would not like the podcasts anymore as much as i did last year, but i just want to let you know the opposite is true. I love it that our lives are very different but i can still resonate to everything you say. Today i listened to your podcasts several times, especially the epiphany, thank you for that. Just stay who you are and follow your intuition, i am excited to follow your journey and learn from your lessons as well!

  7. Annika Benitz

    Wow! This episode comes at such a great time. I’m about to move to Nashville from Southern California be chase my initiation told me to! It’s such a crazy thing to follow my gut like this. I keep getting that feeling of fear where I’m desperate to know if I’ll like living there or if it’s going to work out. I’m decided to stop trying to figure out WHAT will happen, but instead enjoying this moment… This big adventure in about to embark on! Thank you thank you!!

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