the lively show: achieving full life integration with kristoffer carter (this epic life)


Though every episode of The Lively Show is awesome, if I could only ask you to listen to one episode…


I’m talking with Kristoffer Carter, a father of three, intense meditator, full-time employee, multi-instrumentalist, coach, partner with Jonathan Fields, and force behind This Epic Life.

We talk about how he achieves full life integration with everything on his plate.

This show is about everything, applies to everyone, and is so good I hope you listen twice! 









  • How at 26-years-old, Kris was at a cubicle at work one minute, and the next was laying on an operating table almost losing his life.

  • How Kris got radically honest with himself and his wife after almost dying.

  • The Framework that Kris uses and teaches to help people achieve full life integration. 

  • Virtues Vs. Values, how they are similar and how they differ.

  • Kris’s current lens statement (and how it has evolved over the years).

  • The Value and role of security and how it helps and hurts us in our lives and careers. 

  • The difference between action and “right action.” 

  • The meaning of sobriety in a buddhist sense and why Kris no longer drinks.

  • How Kris created a company-wide mediation program. (~42:00)

  • What we can do to incorporate our passions in our workplace.
  • Kris’ recommendations for those who want to find a role or company they love working for.
  • What Kris would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




This Epic Life

The Framework Manifesto (and workbook) 


Jonathan Fields 

Susan Piver

The Gifts of Imperfection


Insight Timer App

Good to Great







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  1. Leanne @ SweetStyle

    Oh Jess – the best episode ever! The Universe is definitely speaking to me at the moment and I feel this relates so much to our few emails in the past few days. Thank you so much for this great podcast and thank you Kris for your insight! Leanne

    1. Hey Leanne! So glad you dug the interview. Obviously, it was pretty easy to kick the energy when spending time with The Lively One. 🙂 Love when the right info shows up at the right time, and humbled to be a part of your experience. Please stay in touch and lemme know how it’s going! Namaste. -kc

  2. I really enjoyed this episode! As someone who aspires to have a job that aligns well with both my professional and personal interests like Krist does, I feel very inspired.

    1. Hey there, thanks for checking out the interview and I’m so glad you dug it. Really enjoyed your site as well. You’ve got mad #fashions. 🙂 I have this game with my kids where I put on this rainbow mullet wig sideways and call myself: “Jaques Nuevo… Fashions Producer”. It’s a big hit in our house. haha

  3. Libby

    I really loved Kris’s comment about making sure you are on the right bus, and once there then your mission is to make sure you are in the right seat. Figureing out what your meant to do takes far longer than we all care to admit, or at least that we remain patient for, so hearing that you need to take the time and try things out to figure out your end goal is incredibly reassuring. Love it!! Thank you!

    1. Hey Libby, yeah… patience can be tough, right? Especially when we’re “taught” that we’re supposed to figure it out in a matter of minutes, or that you can become an overnight sensation, blah blah blah. All of that can happen, but consistent effort and refocusing is the name of the game. I find that the more I recommit to the long term success of my career, family, music, meditation practice etc… the more satisfying everything becomes. I wish you luck on your quest Libby! -kc

  4. Ruth

    LOVED this. I’ve been finding inspiration in Kris’ work for the last year or so, but have been pretty lazy about doing the work. That’s beginning to change, I’m making the space to do the work and figure out my non-negotiables. Love that expression. Thank you for this guys, it was wonderful to hear Kris being interviewed for a change!

    1. That is great to hear, Ruth! I am doing something similar, only I’m experimenting with what my negotiables are. : )

  5. Trish

    I’ve been listening to your podcast from the beginning. Since that time I have listened to every single episode each morning while I work. It is very inspiring to listen to not only your guests, but also to your perspective on what a good life is. This is the episode that I needed to hear. I can’t tell you what this interview means to me, Jess and Kris. The work that you do, both of you!, brings inspiration and light to those around you. Thank you so much.

    1. Wow, Trish. What a remarkable comment. Thank you, truly… for listening, but moreso for truly receiving and integrating the knowledge. That was the spirit in which we captured it… just a coupla Intention GEEKS, geeking out! So humbled by the response. Best of luck to you!!! Please stay in touch as your journey unfolds. -kc

  6. Amy

    Funny, I think I’m about the same age as Kris, live in the same city, and graduated from the same university with the same degree (per LinkedIn stalking), and I had to come to the Lively show to hear his message. The comments about the difference between action and right action struck me, as I am someone who has constantly made changes in direction yet never felt that I was on the right path. I now see that guiding values are what have been missing from all my constant searching. This episode, along with the recent Rachel Magahy interview have been my favorites. I’ve recently started meditating with the use of the Headspace app, and I hope that with practice, my next action will be the right action.

    1. That is wonderful to hear, Amy!!

      What a small world, truly!

      I’m also glad you enjoyed Rachel’s episode — she’s going to be hosting the show this week, in fact!

      And yes, listen to your gut and find the next thing you need to do. Then, let the following thing be revealed in time.

      1. Amy

        Thank you for the content you provide Jess, in a blog world seemingly focused on the external, its so refreshing to have quality resources for the internal!

        1. Thank you, Amy! Seriously. My hope with the show is to provide both, but in proper order and priority. : )

    2. Wow, Amy! So great to hear that you’re meditating first and foremost… That to me is the ultimate Right Action. 🙂 You live in Akron? Let’s grab coffee sometime. Best of luck to you on your journey. So glad you dug the episode!

      1. Amy

        Yes Kris! Akron born and raised, Rubber City native. I’m currently completing your Epic Life workbook, I’d love to meet and catch some of your “spark” in person! Thanks for sharing your passions!

  7. Jodi

    What I really like Kris’ approach is that he’s so down-to-earth-regular guy while also blasting the balls-to-wall-yogi wisdom. I appreciate his candidness in sharing his personal flaws and demonstrating how those are also part of the journey. His framework is a very useful and inspiring tool for the #souljourney. Grateful for your chance meeting and this great interview about the #epiclife!

    1. Yay, that’s wonderful to hear, Jodi!! : ) So grateful you appreciated this meaningful work and message so much.

  8. Kristin Delaney

    Catching up on old episodes and found this one today. I’ve already listened twice and am using this to take up a notch my Values and Virtues investigation I’ve been doing for the last several months.

    The full life integration piece was what kept falling down. I’ve been chasing success in silo-ed life areas and that left me “dis-integrated” and depleted. I’m really jazzed up. Thank you both for pulling this together.

    1. : ) I’m so glad you found this episode and that you enjoyed it twice!

      I hope you are finding it easier to feel less silo-ed in life lately.


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