the lively show: marriage & taking risks with lara casey (southern weddings & making things happen)


While recording today’s Lively Show episode with Lara Casey, I got chills listening to her tell her story almost the entire time.


Lara is the Editor-in-Chief of Southern Weddings magazine, founder of Making Things Happen, brand expert, and soon-to-be author with her upcoming book, Make It Happen.

Today she’s sharing openly and honestly about the high – and low – points in her life that have guided her to where (and who) she is today.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is struggling in their marriage or career, or anyone inspired to make big life changes.









  • Why Lara transitioned away from her broadway career early on.
  • The dark period that followed quitting her broadway career – and how she eventually blossomed after that difficult time.
  • Why Lara left New York with her fiancé after Hurricane Ivan.
  • The accident that almost took her brother’s life.
  • The lessons and blessings Lara learned from the end of her first marriage.
  • The “handsome Navy gent” transformed Lara and her family for the better.
  • The leap of faith that Lara took which landed her job offers with top LA wedding planners.
  • Lara’s challenges in her current marriage early on and how they were resolved.
  • The spark that inspired Southern Weddings and the differentiating factors that went into it’s instant success.
  • The challenges and almost deal-breaking hardships that almost killed Southern Weddings, despite its huge success.
  • The marriage transformation that came from Lara’s faith and surrender.
  • What Lara would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




Southern Weddings

Make It Happen – Lara’s book due in December

Feye and Greer

Spinal Rehab Center: Craig

Mark’s Garden

Mindy Weiss








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  1. vanachupp

    I so appreciate Lara and how she speaks and lives her faith!! Her humbled heart and unconditional love for God shows through in all she does!

  2. Loved it! It’s always difficult to juggle a start-up/business and a marriage at times. So glad to hear how her faith just transformed her life and had her preserver through to the tops of the clouds. Right where it’s sunny ^_^

  3. Amy McGee

    Thank you so much for your transparency Lara. I recently started following your journey on Instagram and I had no idea you had those struggles in your past. It was encouraging to hear such honesty- and much needed to hear today especially. Thank you! and Thanks to Jess for providing a platform for us to hear 🙂

  4. Beautiful podcast this week! I listen regularly but feel compelled to comment this week. I have been following Lara’s work for a couple of years now and it is amazing to hear her journey.

  5. Another BEAUTIFUL show, Jess! I’m always amazed by how much people open up and are willing to share on your show. You really do have a way with people.

    1. Thank you Sara, I’m glad you liked the episode and I’m grateful that Lara felt comfortable opening up so much as well. : )

  6. Kate

    Loved this episode with Lara! Thank you for interviewing her Jess 🙂 I love how transparent Lara is with her faith. Yes, not everyone believes and accepts Jesus as their saviour, but I believe he is the only way to everlasting life. xx

  7. Dominique

    What a superb interview. I am constantly inspired by the guests on your show. I love to hear their stories, and Lara’s was really exceptional. She is brave for sharing and being so honest. Thank you!

  8. You + Lara together in an episode. WOW. This is so amazing. I do believe that both of you are doing what matters in a real + powerful + connected way. I’m so inspired by both of you. Oh so much. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge + superb life lessons. It’s a blessing in my life.

    1. : ) That’s wonderful to hear, Gina! I’m glad you enjoyed the episode and it’s an honor to bring them to you.

  9. alexandra

    seriously a great episode. wonderful guest, incredible questions. definitely feeling a bit more spunky after listening to this, just what i needed. thank you!!!

  10. Conor

    Lara’s honesty and way of telling her story blew my mind. Straight to the top of my favourite ever podcasts, can’t wait to read her book when it comes out.

  11. Olga Podobed

    I’ve found your show a couple month ago now and I’ve listened to 60 episodes already! And this is one of the best for me! I felt so close to Lara, like she i sharing really with me! And I wanted to hug her. Thank you for this!

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