(last week’s) end of the week exfoliation

Sorry this is posting a few days late. I decided to share my 2010 intentions on Friday and do the End of the Week Exfoliation today. Check below for the winner of the Giveaway Giveaway from December.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


“I got a new purse, so I’m getting rid of two old ones.”



“We’re currently selling these TV trays on Craigslist.”



“The shirt is too big and I never wear it. As for the flash light, I just got a new one for Christmas that doesn’t run on batteries.”



These slippers have seen better days. They are covered in dust and not worth keeping around- especially considering I have another nice pair of satin black slippers which work beautifully.

December Giveaway Giveaway Winner

winnerCongratulations for S.E. Minegar! I’ll be emailing you to give you your $40 Jess LC gift certificate.

Want to enter to win January’s $40 Jess LC gift certificate? Send me your exoliations (up to 4 a month) and each entry will give you a chance to win the free jewelry.

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  1. S.E.Minegar

    I can’t believe I won! I love your designs and can’t wait to pick something out!! Thank you!!

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