(last week’s) end of the week exfoliation

Whew. I feel like I’ve been caught up in a tornado of activity and I’m just getting spit out of the busy vortex in the past few hours. But I better not get comfortable, there is a lot to accomplish this week (including a trunk show at Macy’s on Thursday/Friday, finishing a bunch of orders with Susie gone for half the week, picking a PR firm for Jess LC, and getting a few doctor appointments scheduled).

Despite the craziness, I have to say, I feel so thankful and I have a hard time believing that we are only four weeks from June…

Giveaway Giveaway Winner

This April’s Giveaway Giveaway winner is… Melissa! Congrats, lady, you win a copy of Speed Decorating by Jill Vegas and a $40 Jess LC gift certificate.

End of the Week Exfoliation

“A bag of old shoes that were taking up way too much room in my closet. These are just the shoes I am giving to goodwill. The rest found a home in the trash they were that bad.”


“I found a gift card in our apartment to a restaurant in St. Louis. Since we don’t live there anymore, we gave the gift card to a friend who will be able to use it.”


“Here is the beginning of another household exfoliation project. This time I left the closet and hit the “scary, hidden” corners of the rest of the house. Still working on it…”


“I finally got rid of my old phone that was more frustrating than anything. I upgraded to an Iphone which means that I am finally able to exfoliate some other things in my life (ie. carrying around a separate Ipod & day planner). This has definitely helped me feel more organized & my purse lighter!”


“I cleaned out some random stuff that was never used in my daughters room. These things were added to my goodwill pile.”


“This week I am getting more serious about getting rid of things. After listing over 300 things on Ebay, I am determined to keep going. All this tuff is making me anxious!”


“When my husband and I were spring cleaning this weekend, we moved everything out of our entryway, including a bench with baskets of shoes underneath.  I knew that it was time to purge when my husband referred to me as Imelda Marcos.  I am getting rid of 12 pair just from under the bench!  Some will be listed on Ebay, and the others will go in our yard sale in June… all size 6 if there are any takers.  Frye cut-out boots (that are a bit snug on me, or I wouldn’t dream of parting with them), 2 pair of Chacos, suede flat boots, Banana Republic sandals and more…”


Whenever I think “there is absolutely nothing more I can exfoliate,” I inevitably find something new to pass on. This week it is a book by Julie Morgenstern called Organizing from the Inside Out. Though I read it in college, I can’t exactly remember what it’s about. And I have a good hunch that I won’t pick it up and read it again. Anyone want it? First to comment and claim it gets it (just send me $5 via PayPal for shipping and it’s yours).

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