TLS #252: The Pros & Cons of Living The Law of Attraction for 19 Months Straight

Today’s Lively Show is an update to my Things I’m Afraid to Tell You episode, which originally aired in December, 2016. In the Things I’m Afraid to Tell You episode, I shared how living the Law of Attraction had dramatically changed my life over the first 9 months.

Now, after living the law of attraction for 19 months straight, I’ve seen additional benefits and consequences of living this approach to life.

In this show, I’m sharing all the details for those who are curious what it’s like to live this way so intensely for so long, and for those who may be on a similar journey themselves.

This episode is perfect for anyone curious to know what it’s been like to live LoA consistently everyday for 19 months… including the magical and the not so aligned stuff.



Pros of Living The Law of Attraction


  • Things that used to make her envious, now make her inspired.

  • Jess has the high flow, or alignment, with financial abundance.

  • She now has the abundance of time, including the desire for familiarity.

  • Magical and fun things tend to happen when living the Law of Attraction.

  • Having flexibility during the day and lots of time to align, allows for doing the things that feel best.

  • Jess knows what get’s her aligned, by living moment to moment.

  • She is able to utilize the power of visualization, instead of efforting.

  • Jess finds that she attracts like minded people wherever she goes.

  • Alignment before action works.

  • Jess generally feels tons of amazing emotions most of the time.

  • The idea of playing with possibilities in her life is a regular occurrence.

  • Love and connection matter the most, especially when it comes to people.

  • Channeling equals everything to Jess’s in her life.


Cons of Living The Law of Attraction


  • When out of alignment, Jess is not doing anything but trying to get back in alignment, using any method.

  • She still gets upset when something is not complete, or not done yet.

  • Since we’re still growing, she’s hyperaware of the lack of alignment, which can turn to judgement at times.

  • People assume a lot about your situation without known the the facts.

  • It can be hard to be understood by other people.

  • Jess describes that it can sometimes be hard to share what’s going on.




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  1. thatchicchick

    Hi Jess – I’m not sure if you respond to questions in the comments, but I’ve always struggled with the “how-tos” of visualization. Do you typically visualize as if you’re watching a movie of yourself (so you’re visualizing outside of yourself, essentially) or do you visualize as if you’re looking at your body, life, etc. from within your own body/from your eyes? Hope that makes sense…?

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