TLS #106: How The Enneagram Can help You Grow & Improve Relationships with Leigh Kramer



Happy almost Thanksgiving! Today we’re bringing The Lively Show to you a day early so that you can enjoy the show while you may be travelling to visit family and/or friends this holiday weekend!

Today’s episode with enneagram coach, Leigh Kramer, is designed to help you to understand yourself and your family members in a greater way. Which will hopefully provide a more peaceful holiday (if family dynamics can be challenging), or simply provide fun table conversation.  

The enneagram is a personality typing system with nine different types. By understanding our enneagram type and the types of those we care about, we can identify our healthy motivations – and sometimes not-so-healthy motivations – so that we can relate to others from the healthiest place within ourselves.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about the enneagram, loves learning about new personality typing systems, or who wants to learn how to increase the quality of their motivations.







  • How Leigh changed jobs to find what she loved and how she discovered the Enneagram
  • How she became a Enneagram coach after being pushed by friends.
  • Leigh explains that the Enneagram is a powerful tool for growth.
  • She tells us what the Enneagram test is and how to use it.
  • Leigh describes how the Enneagram is based on the Seven Deadly Sins, plus two more items.
  • Leigh reviews the 9 types of people the Enneagram focuses on.
  • She tells us that each of the 9 types has positive and negative qualities, based on their unique gifts and struggles.
  • How the Enneagram coach can help you figure out your type or apply it to your life.
  • She tells us how you can elevate you motivations to come from a whole heart.
  • Leigh go through the healing mindsets, gifts and attitudes.




Leigh Kramer

The Enneagram Coach

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The Wisdom of the Enneagram








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  1. Was listening to the episode, but had to pause it to go get my laundry. When I went to listen again, I had been booted off. Is there any way to “fast forward” to where I was instead of starting from the beginning? Thanks!

    1. Great question! I think it would depend on where you were listening / what tool you are listening through. I am not sure about the parameters of the Smart Podcast Player here (as in, I’m not sure if there is a time out period – and if you reload the page I’m not sure it can tell where you were on the previously loaded version of the page). But you can always directly download to your phone or device and then have that flexibility, or you can get that same flexability through the iTunes podcast player or Stitcher (for android phones) in the future.

      I hope this helps! : )

  2. Ashley

    This was just what I needed today! In so many different ways. Thanks so much!!

  3. Ariel

    I’m a recent listener and love your podcast! I listened to the enneagram program while driving and really wanted to take the test. I’m in the midst of making a huge professional decision that affects my family too. I’ve been doing a lot of self work / soul work to help me figure out what direction I should be taking. In the program, Jess had a hard time relating to her test results and was unsure of them. Therefore, I had the expectation going in that I too would have this feeling – much like learning your soul color is the color you reject most and what that means. However, after reading through my results from a test I found online for free, I have never felt more connected to a self description. I found myself saying, yes yes yes as I read through. My results were 2w3 with close second highest as 8. When I took the variant results they were 3/8/2, and connected well to my instinctual variants; sexual and social. This was great – thank you so much for sharing and talking about it! I am definitely sharing with my friends to discuss it further!

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