TLS #262: Upleveling Alignment, Shifting Energy in Career and Relationships, & Flow With Intention Online with Leticia Ringe

Today’s TLS is perfect for anyone looking to take what we’ve shared here on TLS about alignment, flow, manifesting, and Law of Attraction to a deeper level. It’s for those who want to actually see measurable improvements in their feelings and circumstances – so much so that those close to them can sense a change, as well!

In today’s episode, I’m talking to FWIO member, Leticia Ringe, about the changes she’s seen in her life as a result of applying the concepts from Flow With Intention Online (which is starting February 5 – March 2, 2018).

Leticia is coach living in London who has seen a huge shift on many levels of her life, and what I find most fascinating is how you can actually hear the joy within her voice on the show!

This episode is perfect for anyone who is thinking about joining us in the final live round of Flow With Intention Online, and wants to hear from a fellow FWIO member about her results and experience with the class.

PS – Flow With Intention Online registration is now open until February 2nd!








  • Leticia tells us how she went from being a family lawyer to later being diagnosed with a disease and how that affected her life.

  • She tells us what moved her to follow other pursuits, including personal development being a small business owner.

  • Leticia describes why she took Flow With Intention Online and describes her favorite aspects of the course.




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