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Lately life has been hectic and checking in here with you can about everything has been a challenge. So today I’d like to simply share the things I’m working on and the thoughts I’m pondering.

As far as Franklin goes, I cannot thank you all enough for your doggie wisdom the other day! I have started crate training (mixed with an x pen when he’s near me in the living room), puppy school, and doggie daycare. Though we were seeing gradual progress over time the biggest change for sure has been his first day of doggie daycare on Monday. All that playtime and socialization tired him out the following day, curbed his nipping, and made him immensely more responsive to our commands. He’s like an older, cuddlier, more mature version of himself. Amen! We plan to take him there about twice a week for the next few weeks to see how he likes it over time and to see if these positive changes continue.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a new upgrade to the Business with Intention website (among other exciting changes to the business). I’ll be unveiling these upgrades and new workshop dates(!) next week.

I’ve also been slowly phasing out Jess LC entirely. We still have two major orders to fulfill for Macy’s on State St. and hope to have those loose ends tied up by the end of 2012. But otherwise, it’s laid to rest.

Now that I’m ending Jess LC, I am also mulling over what to change my corporation name to. It was Jess LC Inc. up until now, but with the accessory company laid to rest, I would like it to be more connected to my current name and future ventures. Rather than go with anything specific for the incorporated name like “Business with Intention Inc.” I’d like to tie it to my own personal name so it can flex with whatever new crazy idea I come up with in ten years as well. I’m thinking something like Jess Lively _______ Inc. would be good. Current options running through my head: Jess Lively Studio Inc., Jess Lively Creative Inc., Jess Lively Productions Inc., etc. Since I currently have consulting, workshops, design clients, and may have possible books/videos/who-the-heck-knows in the future, I want the name to feel relevant  to all aspects but not too generic like Jess Lively International Inc., Jess Lively Enterprise Inc., or Jess Lively Design Inc. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

And finally I have some exciting news: I will be co-teaching a workshop at Alt Summit with Ez of Creature Comforts about authenticity and the Things I’m Afraid to Tell You movement! If you are coming to Alt, I hope you join one of our Saturday workshops.

On the thought and intention front I’ve been wrestling with my struggle between simplifying/making under and my ideation and activation tendencies. As much as I pine to makeunder my life I am simultaneously always adding more to my plate. So far the only way I have thought to make peace with these two opposing forces in my mind is to seek a mindful, calm, centered approach to the craziness that is my life. Instead of trying to focus on making my life physically or logistically simpler, I need to change how I emotionally process the crazy. Since I’m missing the laid back gene, and I will need to find other ways to foster a calmer attitude like more consistent meditation, yoga, and a hefty dose of perspective.

You know what is pretty funny? As I look at all that I’ve just shared, I sense that my life looks far more polished than it really is. Living these new changes out has been challenging (to say the least). And as much as my perfectionistic tendencies are flaring up and reminding me of all that I could have done better, I’m choosing to honor the fact that I did the best I could. Though I have stumbled along the way, I have not stopped. I continued to move forward and just keep going.

Which is all we can ever do, when you think about it.

My mantra for the day: “I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. I’m doing okay and I’m on my way.” – Joyce Meyer


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  1. You’re dealing with a lot of changes at once… be kind to yourself and reflect on what you do get accomplished. (I needed this exact advice this past summer… and probably still do!)

  2. Thanks Jess for sharing your journey with us… I think you’re doing a great job handling all of the changes going on in your life. Oh, and I like Jess Lively Creative Inc! It’s general enough to encompass many things but still hints at your purpose and personality. Good luck with everything 🙂

  3. Casey

    Jess, thanks for sharing. I have been following your blog for the past few weeks and love the way you share your experiences. It’s nice to get some real perspective into entrepreneurship, beyond just “follow your heart and work hard and everything will be magical!” So thanks for keeping it real 🙂

  4. scott lively

    1 stuffed hedgehog was harmed in the making of this post.

  5. I like Jess Lively Creative, Scott Lively’s comment, and your mantra for the day.

  6. In the spirit of simplification, I would call the business “Lively Inc.” Then, as you build/change arms/divisions of the biz, you have a descriptive yet consistent adjective (LIVELY!) to head up each of them: Lively Consulting, Lively Design, Lively Publishing, etc!

  7. Marguerite

    Jess Lively Creative. It’s the perfect follow-on and ode to Jess LC, just a different meaning of the LC.

  8. The stumbles are how you know you’re pushing yourself forward. Picking yourself up afterwards and continuing on is how you know you’re learning. Every once in a while look back on them with pride, see how far you’ve come then look to the future and know you can handle that too.

  9. Jess

    Thank you ladies so much for your advice and support with the business incorporation name and Dawnielle, thanks for the great perspective – so true!

    Right now I’m starting to lean towards Jess Lively Creative Inc. since Mr. Lively thinks it’s a bit weird to have our last name as a corporation (Lively Inc.). Will keep you posted!

  10. Erin

    You are constantly trying to become a calmer, more zen, person. Have you thought about trying Radical Acceptance (DBT skill) and just accepting the fact that you aren’t a calm/zen/roll with stress person? I feel like you spend a lot if time fighting against your natural tendencies. You also seem to think that if you intentioned hard enough, you can make inherently stressful things (puppies, moving) not stressful. I wish you’d be more accepting: some things are inherently stressful and you are a high anxiety person. No judgment – you are who you are.

  11. Jess

    Erin, you are right on many counts. I do not have a laid back attitude and yes, I am still working on accepting my ‘always adding more to my plate’ strengths with the fact that these actions can leave me stressed out. This is what I’ve been sharing in this post, in fact.

    I have had multiple changes in the past eight months which have been FAR more dramatic than any other time in the past five years combined (engagement, marriage, move, dog, career end, new career begins, and mood alteration based on birth control switch). So it’s definitely a recipe for even more stress than my personality would normally create on it’s own.

    Basically, I’ve been in a many new situations for a very long time and this has all began to take it’s cumulative toll for a while now.

    I’m sorry that you are finding me at this stage in my life because as my story has been reflected over the years, I have not always been stressed out to this degree. Stressed, yes, but not *super* stressed. In fact, I was much calmer as a person and my life had much more well paced changes. This year has been an exception.

    So while I am working to calm myself – because the stress level that I feel does not serve me, and if I am going to keep adding new things to my life (hopefully not always at the same intense pace as 2012), I need to find a way to cope better. This has been my quest, and I do think that it’s a good one. In fact, having an intention to be more mindful, as I mentioned in the post directly aligns with some of the DBT items. So, I think, we are on the same page here.

    Thank you for your love and insight. I hope you have a great day.

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