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After a glorious long weekend unplugged and soaking in the Miami sun, I’m back in Chicago and ready to ride out the remainder of this winter with an exciting new addition to the upcoming Life with Intention Online classes!

The first two LWIO classes in February were incredible – we had students from all over the world (the United Kingdom, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Rwanda, and the US) logging in to learn and live more intentionally.

Now, I’m adding a new option that will enhance the experience even more.


Life with Intention Online Plus


Life with Intention Online Plus will include all of the basic class materials in addition to detailed, personalized feedback on your homework, intentions, and action plans to ensure that you are on the right track.

LWIO Plus is a great option for those who may not need a full 60-minute session with me after class, but may still want  personalized attention and guidance through a customized email report.


The next LWIO class starts next week (March 11-18) and registration ends Friday.

So if you are thinking about signing up, please do so soon before the spots are filled!

New to Life with Intention Online? You can find out about the class here.


What Students Are Saying


Here is what students have to say about the class:

If want to make a positive CHANGE in the way you approach your goals, your habits, and your life in general, I highly recommend this class.

The intention-setting process taught by Jess it entails a lot of openness, introspection, and to some extent, courage.

Change is never easy, and this just means that the Life With Intention class is the exact push you need.

Carmel D., Pink My Ride | Philippines


The Life with Intention Online class has allowed me to reset my thinking.

This is a huge step forward for me. It allows my mind to percolate – to ponder the things I believe are important.

Deniz H. | IL


Jess’ in-depth knowledge and guidance made it easy to grasp the concepts she was teaching.

I’m looking forward to working with Jess one-on-one in the future!

Lauren N. | NY


Life with Intention Online totally opened up my mind to a new way to thinking.

I’ve already begun to feel more at ease with how I conduct my daily life.

I highly recommend working with Jess and taking this class!

Lisa M., | DC


I can’t recommend the Life with Intention Online enough.

Jess delivers the content (and cute workbook!) in an accessible and enthusiastic way — you could tell there were many light bulb moments happening within the group.

This class will truly change the way you consider your present and your future.

Georgie B. | Australia


Plus, there is a 100% money back guarantee – if you don’t find the class and the Intention-based approach helpful, you get your money back!

The process taught in this class is the summation of everything I have learned over seven years of studying, practicing, and teaching in this area. And it has truly helped those I’ve worked with to find the peace, joy, and power that comes with living from an intention-based perspective.

I’d love to help you do the same.

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PS – If you prefer learning one-on-one, check out The Intention Sessions. These individualized sessions share the same information in an entirely private, individualized setting.

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