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Thank you all so much for the kind words on MML’s third birthday! I am so thankful for them and plan to refer back to them whenever I need a pick me up!

Your encouragement is also extremely well timed as I am working on a new layer to MML and pursuing my purpose: life with intention consulting.

So far consulting with business owners to help grow and define their business intentions has been insanely awesome. But I’ve also been aware that I want to help more than just business owners live a life with intention.

So next week I’ll also be offering one-on-one calls for people about their purpose, life intentions, and other important matters that may not necessarily involve small business.

It’s a bold new step as I have no “official” training, just a passion for helping people move past their doubts and go for what they really, really want in their lives.

I’ve done it in my own life and it is what I am meant to help others do as well.

Though I’m not looking be a life coach specifically, I know I can make a positive impact on people’s lives working with them over the phone (or Skype internationally).

And as a thank you for the first three years of support on MML, I’m offering three people a free one hour call in February. I’ll work with each of the three people one-on-one to help them clarify what might be their purpose and push past any limiting fears and doubts they may have.

Think of me as your biggest fan who will help you go after what you really, truly want.

To pick the three people to get the free consultation, I ask that those interested email me a brief summary explaining their situation and their ultimate intention or purpose. Along with what might be stopping them from making it happen.

Next Tuesday I will announce the three people selected for the free consultations. I’ll also be sharing the information for people to work with me going forward then as well.

Thank you so much again for reading, sharing, and supporting me as I continue to take new steps to make my purpose come to life!



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  1. Eliza

    Such a wonderful idea! I’m sure you’re going to be great at this. Congratulations on your new mission ūüôā xoxo, e

  2. Melissa

    Wow, how awesome! I love how you are so supportive and encouraging… for business owners and everyone seeking a life with intention. Can’t wait to hear more about your consulting and how it grows.

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