life with intention online is now OPEN!


Today is finallllyyyy here!

After working hard all summer with:

  • A curriculum specialist to make the course as easy to follow and learn from as possible.
  • Two graphic designers to make the custom workbooks/member site/front end site.
  • An illustrator to bring the videos and content to life.
  • A launch maven to help make enrollment as smooth as possible.
  • And working with Mr. Lively for months programming the member site, private forum, and main page…

Life With Intention Online is here!

To say that I am “excited” doesn’t quite do it justice.

In fact, I’m actually quite peaceful and mellow… probably an after effect from the past five days of work and all the late nights getting this course ready.

In fact, I “planned” to make a really awesome and heartfelt video for you this morning explaining how this course came to be over the past eight years.

It would have been great.

But the truth is: I’m still sitting in my bed in my PJ’s, working just like I did until very late last night.

So, though a video of me talking to you with dark circles under my eyes might be “interesting…” I think it’s better to share my journey with you via the written word. ; )

Here it goes,


The truth is, I searched for this course my whole life.

I grew up as a kid who wanted to do it all, a college student who tried to do it all, and a 20-something who realized “doing it all” wasn’t actually that great.

Mostly, it left me feeling empty inside.

No matter how many things I accumulated, or goals I reached, I never had enough. I had to keep inventing new dreams, goals, and visions in order to get “there.”

Wherever “there” is.

But the truth is, it didn’t work. I never got “there.”

I just stayed here.

With the same longing in my heart. The same feeling that I wasn’t enough. And the same desire to find a way out of the Rat Race I constantly fell back into.

One day, during a particularly difficult period of my life, I stumbled upon a quote about Michelangelo. People once asked him how he created the stunning statue of David with a single piece of stone.

Michelangelo replied that it was much simpler than they were making it out to be.

He simply saw the potential within the stone, and removed the layers that concealed the potential within. 

In that instant, everything clicked for me.

All the guys I dated, candy bars I (binge) ate, and lipsticks I bought, were never going to reveal my full potential. They were merely adding to the stone instead of subtracting the excess.

I decided in that moment to find a way to live from Michelangelo’s perspective. I wanted to approach my life from a place of revealing my potential, instead of obscuring it.

I wanted to understand why the way I had been taught to “succeed” in life led to so much heartache, struggle, dissatisfaction, and distraction from the present moment.

This class is the culmination of those eight years of study. It weaves together truths taught across several genres, including personal development, spirituality, Eastern/Western philosophy, psychology, and business (with a healthy dose of design, of course).

My hope with this class is not to teach you something “brand new” that has never existed before.

Universal truths have been here forever

I simply hope to present a powerful process that is easy to visualize, understand, and act upon.

I want to help you live from Values-based intentions.

Let me show you how.

With love,


PS – I sincerely hope you take some time to check out the course and do a gut check to determine if it is the right fit for you.

I know it has the power to transform a life (it certainly has for me) and it has helped alumni of the course:

  • Determine the next right actions in their careers.
  • Approach their wedding week stress free.
  • Transformed relationships with family members and friends.
  • Get clear on how to create an environment they love.


PPS – Today through Friday (9/12), I’m offering a $50 Early Bird Discount on both membership levels.

This is the very lowest I ever plan to offer this course, so if you want to join, register today!


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