lively says relax

Okay, so maybe Mr. Lively didn’t say relax, but I like him better than Frankie. Either way, the point still stands. I sit here today in an “lull day.” I’m currently sandwiched between a big Jess LC initiative launched yesterday and an important bag appointment(!) on Friday.

Given that I also have had the rock star help of Susie, Melissa, and Kat, we are on top of a lot of other daily Jess LC maintenance.

So here I sit. In a bit of a lull before a storm of bags.

And at first this morning, I was uncomfortable with this waiting period. I felt like I should be “doing something.”

Thoughts like “Millions of people are busy working today, I should be too.” “Something must be wrong if I’m not feeling inspired to tackle some totally new objective to fill the time I have today.” “If I’m not driving ahead with something on this Tuesday, March 22nd, the business must be falling behind.”

Needless to say, the thoughts were unsettling.

But then I stood back. I reflected.

Q: Why am I running my own business in the first place?

A: So that I can design my life with intention in order to fulfill my purpose (helping other people design their lives with intention). So that I can enjoy my life, have a balanced life, and not define my success by other’s expectations.

None of that answer has anything to do with the fearful thoughts running through my head this morning. And so with grand proclamation:

I am going to enjoy this day. I intend to complete a few things I want to do for the business, take Susie to lunch, and start a cross-stitching project.

I’m going to give myself the permission to design my day with the intention of joy.

Who knows, doing new and different things might inspire a new business idea… or at least a fresh take on business as usual tomorrow.

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  1. Gina

    Jess- I feel this way a lt. I just quit my day job in November to focus full time on my business. Some days everything has been taken care of and I feel like I need to be creating something new, growing the business, brainstorming, etc and it stresses me out.

    I have to step back and tell myself that days like this are limited and I need to relax and do something I enjoy. Enjoy you day and good luck with the bag appointment!

  2. Jill

    I needed to hear this today! I have a to-do list a mile long and my sitter is off on Spring Break this week (she is usually here to help out on Tuesdays) – so I need to remind myself that the to-do’s can wait. Until then I need to just have fun with my kids and relax. There is nothing wrong with a down day!

  3. Jess

    @ Gina: Thanks so much! I agree, when starting out it’s harder to keep a steady, consistent work flow. I think that will evolve for you over time. But yes, a day to relax and permit yourself to enjoy it is also a much needed asset to entrepreneurship.

    @ Jill: I’m glad you are going to have a relaxing day too! I can imagine it’s harder to come by with kids too :).

  4. I find that I have to schedule “down-time” because if it comes up unexpectedly I feel guilty for not working on something. I hope you have a great day and are refreshed and rejuvenated for your big meeting! I am scheduling some real downtime after this big photoshoot – until then there is something to do every minute (I am making an effort to going to bed on time though, no matter how much I have to do right now – tired and grumpy Maggie isn’t good for anything).

  5. My husband and I have our own business and we have the HARDEST time with this! What is it about self-employment that makes you feel like you should constantly be “doing” and when you’re not “doing” you feel guilty (even when there’s nothing to “do”!!)? Good for you for enjoying the day, and reminding the rest of us that it’s okay to do that. ūüôā

  6. Helena

    I have SUCH a hard time relaxing. I almost always feel guilty about it, even when I’m on vacation. You really do have to remind yourself to take it easy.

  7. Jess

    @ Maggie Rose: Very nice! I think that’s a great way to look at being busy. It can come in cycles of rest and stress. But I love that you are still going to bed on time!

    @ Liz: I know! Working for yourself is difficult in that way. And when you hear how long other people work on their businesses, it’s intimidating and makes (me at least) feel like I should be doing what they do. It’s hard to stick to our own course.

    @ Maddie: Thanks! It’s great :). I’m pumped, I already feel calmer having done it.

    @ Helena: Agreed! I hope you get some time to yourself soon too!

    @ Victoria: I’m so happy this has helped you too!

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