TLS #161: My Top 10 Lessons From My “Lively Adventure”

2016-08-11 Tall

This is my first week back in the States!

(Talk about “all the feels.”)

Before leaving in May, I was most curious to know how this trip would “change me” – since so many people said extended international travel would do just that.

Well, today I’m reflecting on the top 10 lessons I’ve learned – and what I think I’m going to do in my life (based on this experience) going forward.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the lessons I’ve learned this summer which apply to us all, near or abroad.  










  • 10. Follow your intuition, even when things feel uncertain.
  • 9. How to use flow to direct my adventures.
  • 8. Internal alignment is greater than external expectations. (following other people’s flow is not going to work for me).
  • 7. Sometimes the Flowing gets tough.
  • 6. Sometimes there’s a dip after a really, really great period.
  • 5. Your skills and values can never be taken away.
  • 4. Pain happens, suffering is optional.
  • 3. We don’t have to own to appreciate.
  • 2. Our emotions do not need to equal our circumstances.
  • 1. How have I changed on this journey?



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  1. Kristen

    Hola Jess!

    I am loving your Lively Adventure!

    I first was introduced to you via an interview you did with Jasmine Star a couple of months ago. I didn’t tune into your show for a couple of months (I know, bad me – – silly me I thought getting Podcasts on my iPhone was so complicated), and I just tuned back in this past week and OMG you are on an adventure! I myself embarked upon my own adventure almost four years ago when my heart whispered to me while sitting on my surfboard in the Pacific Ocean in Tamarindo, Costa Rica that I needed to move there. I didn’t know why, but it spoke and I had to listen – – I returned back to NYC and a six months later I “retired” from my corporate job in NYC and moved down to Tamarindo. I let myself “incubate” to really listen to what I loved doing and I finally let myself pursue my passion, photography.

    But enough about me, I believe it was this episode that you talked about trying to find out a good solution for mobile phone plans. Although I am in Costa Rica, I must say that having my iPhone unlocked and using a CR SIM card when I am in CR is the best solution. Minutes and data are extremely cheap here in CR vs having a paid plan (especially compared to the US!!!). When I go back to the US I pop in my US SIM card and my phone is ready to go – – it literally takes 2 minutes! Also, no matter where I am, and even if I don’t have mobile phone service (I have travelled to Brazil and Peru and had no phone signal), I am able to use WhatsApp, FaceTime, iPhone messaging, etc because all of these apps are tied to either a phone number or an email address, so no matter where you are in the world, they still work. I lived in Spain for a couple of months after graduating college before I started my corporate job, and the SIM card was the best option as well. I know you like to country hop in Europe, but from my experience, it is extremely easy to get a SIM card. Hope this helps!

    Pura Vida,

  2. Leah LW

    During the year I studied abroad in college the program director talked about the W – similar to the U but realizing that there can be another dip later on as you start to contemplate that you eventually have to leave that place, and then the last upswing as you just enjoy every last minute before you leave. (This also applies to reentry as you are thrilled to be back and then start to miss your former locale.)
    I imagine this could apply to any kind of time-limited experience – e.g. a life stage or the end of a period of traveling abroad, even if not’s the end of ever doing that kind of activity again.

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