TLS #305: The Lively TV Show Premiere – Intro to Inner Voice For Beginners & Advanced

Today we are unveiling the new Lively TV Show Episode 1!

This January, we worked with a live studio audience of 140 Lively Show listeners in Pittsburgh. In today’s first episode, we outline what the Inner Voice is, working with three Lively Show guests to tap into their own Inner Voices. This episode highlights tips that are helpful for beginners to those with more experience.

Whether you want to think more positively, stay calm as a parent to small children, or you want to have clarity on your next career path, the guests on the show will help you to learn how to get the answers you desire within yourself.

Feel free to dive in on the audio-only podcast as usual, or head over to the new video version on YouTube!


Let’s go to the show. : )








  • Hot Seat Guest #1: Kaileen is an Austin-based writer who wants to find peace and presence in the chaos of being a mom to small children.

  • Hot Seat Guest #2: Alexis is a health coach who wants her mind to stop ruminating on everyday issues.

  • Hot Seat Guest #3: Shaina is a Boston-based wedding photographer who feels called to offer hospice photography, but is struggling to find potential clients. She looks to her inner voice to find wisdom on what she should do next.




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