TLS #261: LoA Q+A: alignment as a parent, changing emotions, dating with LoA, enlightenment & more

Today’s TLS is kicking off a new series on the show:

LoA (Law of Attraction) Q+A.

The LoA is a subject that I have studied the past two years for thousands of hours across many teachers, books, and conferences worldwide.

In the mainstream, it is often viewed as ditzy + shallow (think The Secret), or very ‘woo-woo’ from channeled sources (like Bashar and my oh-so-favorite, Abraham Hicks).

But the truth is that – like gravity – LoA isn’t an idea… it’s just an aspect of our reality that is operating at all times.So we are affected by it every day, whether we are “using it” deliberately or not.

In the LoA Q+A series, I’d like to make LoA seem less “weird” and explain how regular people have been creating their lives deliberately (or non-deliberately) using this powerful principle.

Today, I’m kicking things off with listener questions on LoA… and in future episodes we are going to have conversations with past TLS guests who have used LoA, or are bringing it into their lives now, to cultivate a life they want.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to use LoA in their own lives when parenting or dating, and for anyone looking to learn ways to change their emotions when they feel stuck in a negative place.





  • How do we get women to make the first move or pursue men they met instead of waiting?

  • What’s the difference between Law of Attraction and thinking positive thoughts about what you want in life?

  • Is there anything you think that cannot be accomplished by harnessing the power of Law of Attraction? Are enlightened people those who have harnessed that power?

  • What are several tools or ideas from moving, from learning to integration?

  • How do you deal with people you come across who don’t get what you are doing with the whole few thing and ask a million negative questions or make assumptions? How do you not get caught up in that negative energy?

  • What are your thoughts on sickness, perceived challenges, etc?

  • What is one easy thought or act one can do daily to remind yourself of flow and Law of Attraction?




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