TLS #263: LoA Q+A: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t ‘The Law of Things We Want’

After a huge reception for the new LoA Q+A series, I’m excited to have another one with a deep dive into the biggest misconceptions about the idea of Law Of Attraction that often looks something like:

What about people who have experienced deep trauma? Did they deserve or attract it?

I’m going to address this question to the best of my ability, by sharing an experience I witnessed in someone’s life that relates to this subject.

And I’m going to share the wonderful ways we can heal and change our emotional resonance (aka: ‘vibration’ or ‘point of attraction’) after difficult experiences, like trauma, to create our future based on positive desires.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is wondering how LoA is connected to difficult experiences in our lives, and for anyone looking to change an negative vibration to create a new, more positive future.


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  • Why the Law of Attraction is not the Law of Getting What You Want.


  • She talks about how Law of Attraction works with people that get things that they don’t want or have difficulties in their life.


  • How you get yourself in the right vibration or alignment when all you think or know is that you’re in the wrong house, wrong relationship, or wrong everything?


  • What advice to stay aligned when working in a healthcare setting with many patients struggling with diseases and even with psychiatric disorders?


  • How to deal with sickness and Law of Attraction? Are there any mental strategies to help you heal faster?




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