TLS #200: Career flow and the power of the river

Today’s TLS is episode #200!

In honor of the very long river ride that this podcast has been on over the past three years, I’m sharing about… how we can apply flow to career.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing a different way of looking at our careers from the lens of flow instead of deadlines and arbitrary calendar dates (which can be adapted to individual careers and circumstances as needed).

In addition, I’ll share the results in my own business from making this shift from calendar to flow in the past year.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to think about their career in a more fluid, flowing way than is traditionally advised in the classical business/career world.





  • What is this “river” that I speak of?

  • I’ll tell you my friend’s story of her goals and how it relates to the river.

  • You’ll hear my predicted outcomes from flowing with the river and with our careers.

  • Why abundance and resources will “come” to us quicker if we ride in the flow of the river and getting into alignment.

  • How we could enjoy our work and career more if we were more in alignment.

  • Which way does the river flow?

  • I’ll tell you my own experience with the river and my career.

  • We are going to enjoy work and life more when we are flowing WITH the river instead of against it.





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  1. Jess, I can’t tell you how uncanny it was that this episode released the same week I was feeling so conflicted and uncertain about my future and what I want to do after college graduation. So, THANK YOU for calming my thoughts.

    I wonder if you could give me (and other people in my place) advice as to uncertainty and the future, or even about realizing a calling.

  2. Stacey

    Thank you thank you thank you! Yes! Right before finding your podcasts, I almost recently caved & went to a calendar method trying to force success. But the desire for freedom & a natural flow is why I started my business in the first place. And yes, when I’m in flow, my creativity goes at warp speed! It’s really amazing! Ideas flow out of my mind faster than I can possibly document them, & I feel incredibly happy! But when I have deadlines & schedules,…well, not so much. (Just the word deadline,…it’s not very positive sounding, is it?) Forcing myself to be creative by putting it on a to do list or calendar takes all the joy out of it, & turns it from something I adore into something I avoid. And seeing as how my creativity is what brings me joy, anything that squashes it rather than inspires it, needs to go! I’m learning to create routines for myself that serve me better. And there is flexibility with them, vs. scheduling, but I know the things that make me feel great, so I allow myself to do them now on a regular basis rather than thinking of them as frivolous things that I will be allowed to enjoy once work is done. Things like my daily walks to the park where I do yoga, journaling, & meditation. And spending time shopping for and cooking really healthy food that tastes great. And getting in bed with a cup of tea & a good book when I’m starting to wind down, rather than pushing myself to get more done before I end my day. After listening to your podcast last night about alignment before action, I celebrated those self care routines more than ever. And today the creativity came gushing out of me, & a project I’d almost given up on became something I was super passionate about once again! No, I agree, this isn’t a traditional business podcast. And that’s exactly why I love it! Keep doing what you do. It’s much appreciated!

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