TLS Mini Edition: The Role of Love in Our Inbox


Today I’m sharing about the role of love in our inbox.

This is something I’ve been focusing on in my own life over the past 4-6 weeks, and it’s brought more peace, presence, and joy to the world of email answering – and applies far beyond the inbox as well.

This shift takes virtually no extra time, but changes the whole process of email answering.









  • The reason you may have seen me answer emails to you with the word “love” in recent weeks.
  • Why shifting our approach to email answering in this simple way can change our whole inbox experience.
  • Ways for those in careers that frown on the word love can still get the same benefits.
  • Things to do when it doesn’t feel right to answer with “love.”
  • How we can apply this concept to interactions beyond emailing. 




Intention Tattoos

With Intention Quick Start Guide









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  1. Celia Yarwood

    Has anyone commented on the email asking why you sign it with love? (prior to this podcast). I love those intention tattoos.

    1. So far, no one’s emailed asking about it. But one person emailed me after this podcast yesterday and said that she had been noticing the love at the end of the emails for the past few weeks and really appreciated it. : )

  2. Julee Kim

    Aha! Just yesterday, I was googling how to sign off emails because I was tired of using”Thanks” all the time. Most people seem to use “Best”, but that doesn’t come to me naturally. Also “Regards” sound odd. Sincerely is too formal. One friend uses “Cheers”. Tattly tattoos give me funny tan lines. : D

    1. Love it! The idea of Love doesn’t have to be a signature, though it can be, it’s more a way of approaching your inbox overall. : )

  3. Yay! That is amazing!! You can come from Love in the inbox, and sign with Best wishes, which feels like that feeling of love for you. LOVE IT! : )

    Jess! ; )

  4. Danielle

    This was one of my favorite podcast episodes! Your message really resonated with me- bringing love intentionally into spaces that it might not be traditional to do so, and heading into mundane tasks with an intentional heart. Imagine how amazing the world would be if people really focused on bringing love and kindness into all of their interactions 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you liked this episode, Danielle! And yes, it would be awesome to see if we can bring this to all aspects of our lives far beyond the inbox as well. : )

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