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Though we had really done a great job completing the house for our mega Thanksgiving party in the winter, there was still some finishing touches to add.

So we’ve been slowly making updates this month that I thought you might want to see!

Let’s do a little tour, shall we?


The Guest Room


First of all, you’ll notice that I got those Caitlin Wilson pillows I shared about a few weeks ago. I have to say, I’m in love with this British Bouquet one in the guest room. If I could turn that fabric into a dress, I totally would. Mr. Lively really loves it, too.




You’ll also notice that the changes I planned on July 2nd have happened! Here’s the before. You’ll notice a whole lotta color and a painting that Mr. Lively dubbed, Birds walking on clown vomit.




And here’s the now.




I painted new art (Mr. Lively named this one The Jess Lively Creative Inc. Flag), replaced the pillow cover, changed the sheets (old), and got a new fluffy duvet cover (seen here).

I’m now using the guest room as my ‘writing room.’ So having the large expanse of white with pops of gold, white, coral, and color is like living inside my brand everyday.



The Living Room


The coral Deco pillow has also added a nice pop in the otherwise neutral living room. The gold pillow is from West Elm.





The Entryway


While in Ann Arbor the other week, we also scored the deal of the century. This white and gold(!) mirror cost just $37. Steals like this can always be found at Treasure Mart. Last year we scored our white marble coffee table there for $60, as well.




I think the entry looks way more finished now that the mirror is hung. It’s obviously very practical and pretty at the same time.

Oh, and that lamp? Here’s a secret: it’s not plugged in! There is no plug nearby, but the table needed a bit more height, so I put it there anyway.

Tip: You’ll also notice the ‘his and hers’ trays for our keys – a great way to beautify any Mister clutter.

And that completes our tour! We are still saving our pennies for the living room armchair makeover. But until then, the home is looking a bit more polished with these little additions.


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  1. Paige W

    Very cute! I love that you painted your own art. I moved to Ann Arbor last year, and I’ve never been to Treasure Mart. I will have to check it out! Now you just maaay or may not need a chandelier from my etsy shop to complete your look ūüėČ

    1. You have GOT to check out Treasure Mart. It’s by Zingerman’s in Kerry Town. : ) Cute shop, too!

  2. Yasmine

    I love your reference to “Mister clutter,” because I have to deal with the same! =) I bought myself and my husband a pretty little dish from Cost Plus World Market recently in order to corral this sort of entryway clutter, but it’s too small and flat, and I was thinking just today that my Mister needs a small bowl instead, in order to properly contain his stuff!

    Also your gorgeous new mirror, and the Jess Lively Creative, Inc. Flag! As I mentioned the other day on your facebook, I’m inspired by all the creative iterations you’ve put this painting through.

    1. It’s great to hear that you have a Mister bowl/tray as well! I agree, it helps immensely. : )

      Thanks for the kind words about the ‘flag’ – I think I need to update this one just a bit. I am kind of liking that it can be a rotating image that can change as often as I like for very little money!

  3. ygriega

    Love the his n hers trays… Its a life saver. I also color code my keys (w covers) and add weirdo keychains. Just. In. Case. My antique silver thingy/plate didnt do the job.

  4. Kimberly Anne

    I love the accents of color! I still haven’t really decorated my home…and we’ve been there over 2 years now. Sad, I know.

  5. Richele

    So lovely Jess! You have done such a beautiful job! Perfect amount of pop of colour and great attention to detail!

  6. chantelle

    I adore everything about your new decor, ESPECIALLY the mirror and the his/her trays!

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