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Late last week I had an appointment with my accountant for Jess LC at a Starbucks in Bucktown. It was mid afternoon and I was craving my usual chai tea latte, lamenting about my vegan cleanse’s no “added sugar” rule.

my very first London Fog…*

To my delight Starbucks’ R&D team seem to have anticipated my newly vegan mindset. They have recently launched new tea lattes with actual tea bags rather than their sugary “boxed” chai.

Since discovering this new drink they call the “London Fog” I have consumed three soy versions in the last four days. So although it may be earth and body friendly it seems to be less kind to my budget.

*Please note: this is my first photo taken while in a completely normal, public situation. I actually whipped out the camera and took a picture of the drink by myself, in the middle of the day. And yes, I did get a few stares. Perhaps I passed some kind of blogger initiation.

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  1. Kaitlyn

    I am so happy you introduced me to this drink! I have had two since we got it on Saturday!

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