TLS #199: How to Love Without Trying

Today’s Lively Show is a request from… my intuition!

For the first time ever, I asked my intuition the open ended question, “What should I share next on TLS?” And I heard, “how to love without trying.”

Which, I have to admit – was a podcast topic that I really wanted to listen to… but not quite one that I felt qualified to share about personally (yet)!

So what was I to do? Have my intuition write the episode, of course!

That’s exactly what I’ve got for you today: a letter from my intuition, and my thoughts and a-ha moments based on what the intuition shared.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to deepen in self-love, tapping into loving feelings more regularly, or for anyone wanting to learn more about hearing from their own intuition.






Why do you want me to talk about loving without trying?

Because it is what you are here to do.

What do you mean? How can we do it [love] without trying?

You are as able as you ever were – all you want will be yours if you allow it to be.

This is what I hear all the time. How does this apply to loving without trying?

It is the source of all things if you allow it to be.

How do we love without trying?

By being where you are are and doing all things in love.

Well doesn’t that seem to be the opposite of “not trying” to love?

Not trying to love is not the same as not loving.

When you love without trying, the things and desires of your experience are there, but the lack and searching are gone.

Not trying is not the same as not seeking of it that you most want to experience.

When you do this, the things you want will come easily. This is not to be considered the opposite of desire but the truth that is yours all along.

When you think you must seek and strive, you move out of the natural pattern of joy and into the struggle.

When what you want is within your experience, [it] becomes who you are. There is no where else for you to be and things continue to unfold at the frequency of all that is.

When you try to do what you think is best, the things you seek are beyond your propensity to accept. This need not be hard or fruitful, it simply begins with the decision to look within (to all that you have become).

The love you seek within the pages [from writing to intuition] is beyond compare to that which is outside yourself.

And once you begin to accept that all you want can indeed be yours, this begins your search for love.

Without question, the joy you seek is within yourself. It is only up to you to accept the truth that within you is the power to control the way you feel about the way you choose to love yourself.

This is yours if you allow it to be. Nothing more than this must be true for you to uncover the deep and everlasting love of all that is. You may not know the depth and breadth of the love you share, but you can know, to the depths of your being that your access to peace and power is within yourself. This is all there is, and the temptation to seek the other forms of love and control are unable to provide the joy you seek. The choice to do this [is] yours within you to the depths of your being.

Your joy is consistently an external source of the completion within you, the truth of which you believe cannot be known.

There is no more to know than what can be shown inside. Without such wisdom nothing more can be true. For the secrets you seek are inside yourself. All that must be allowed is the choice to seek joy in all things. Without this there can be no love beyond the self.

What steps can we take to gain clearer access to loving without trying?

To be where you are with the fullness of your heart for the life within and around you.

By giving your fullest attention to the reality within your experience that is beyond the depths of your most common understanding. This is all there is to do: the things you wish to do.

What about when it feels hard to love or connect with that feeling?

This is common and understandable. Give yourself the grace and peace to be where you are, with each breath you take.

Messages will come from within, choose to see and honor them as you would another choice or action you choose to take in the outside world.

There is no simpler truth.

Thank you, amen, namaste, love,






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  1. Hi Jess! Listening to this episode, and also the one that’s a letter from your Intuition about current events, it strikes me that your Intuition sounds a lot like a “non-physical entity” such as the Hicks describe in the Law of Attraction. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thank you!

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks for the question! Yes, I would say I personally believe it is a very similar experience, yes. : )

  2. Molly

    This is exactly what I needed to hear right now! This is so helpful to me as I’m working on the same thing. I love the direction your show is taking, and I thank you for sharing as you go through this. Thank you!

  3. Shannon Funt

    Jess, this is the most beautifully heartfelt moment I’ve experienced during your show. We have 2 hands. Hug yourself. Chills, tears. Thank you so much for sharing this raw and wonderful and inspiring podcast with the world. You are magical & I actually felt in complete alignment myself after listening today. Thank you, Amen, Namaste. Love, Shannon

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