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Hello again MML readers.  It’s Heidi from To Be Luminous again.  One of the questions I get most often is why I call my coaching practice “To Be Luminous.”  Recently I’ve written a Luminous Acclamation- a manifesto so to speak that defines what a luminous woman is and what my practice represents.
Enjoy!  And don’t forget to enter the give away for six weeks of free coaching or contact me about my six week coaching sale.  Have an amazing day.

Luminous Acclamation

A luminous woman glows from the inside out, radiating light, warmth and energy that is undeniable and magnetic.  She is fabulously unique and unlike anyone you’ve ever met, because she  is herself, from the crown of her head to the tip of her toes.  She lives aligned with her values.  There are no facades for the luminous woman!

A luminous woman knows when to be still and knows when to laugh out loud.  She is both lively and serene, but whatever the occasion, she is perfectly alive.  She balances her life thoughtfully processing her moments and days as needed, yet lives with wild abandon often.

A luminous woman lights up a room because she is the most phenomenal version of herself.  She doesn’t strive to be anyone else.  She is a perfect blend of all those unique  and quirky characteristics that define her.  She has that magnetic ability to appear perfectly herself in any situation.

A luminous woman is luminous 100 percent of the time regardless of her circumstances.  She is the thermometer and allows everyone else to adjust to her temperature.  She’s accommodating and loving, and she is confident enough to think more of others before herself.

A luminous woman understands that she needs to take care of her needs in order to help those around her.  She takes time to center herself daily to fortify her from the natural storms of life and to ensure she is able to listen to her inner-intuitive voice.  This voice is what helps her serenely navigate through even the most tumultuous times and is what helps her know what events, changes and obstacles in life are important, and which ones can be left behind.

A luminous woman knows who she is and that she has something unique to offer the world.  She understands that each individual she comes in contact with has something of value to offer her, and never repudiates anyone for any apparent differences or flaws.

A luminous woman is pure inside and out.  She’s not perfect, but she is beautifully authentic.  She doesn’t pose or pretend to be anything she is not.  She is comfortable with her life yet continually strives for something better, knowing that it is in the process of reaching that miracles occur.

A luminous woman is kind.  A luminous woman accepts others for who they are and who they are not.  She allows everyone room to grow and to change and allows herself the same opportunity.  She speaks encouraging words to herself and to others.

A luminous woman understands that there is enough darkness and negativity in the world.  She is willing to take a stand for joy, laughter, and uplifting everyone around her. She seeks serenity, energy, personal discovery, value alignment, and confidence.  A luminous woman is a woman of action and determination.  She is always in the mode of accomplishing something of great worth.

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  1. rachel

    This is brilliant! I’m going to print this out and re-read it over…what a great manifesto 🙂 xx

  2. Kirsten

    This is an absolutely radiant manifesto. So well balanced and glowing with golden ways of being. I agree with Rachel, I’m going to print this out and re-read it over and over. Heidi and Jess, you are absolutely fabulous people. Thank you.

  3. This rocks! I just stumbled it…it’s a keeper. 🙂 Oodles of thanks for the lovely, engaging, empowering words.

  4. Jadyn

    LOVE. You’ve done such a great job putting into words what a luminous woman is. I love how you keep repeating that she is truly herself, as it is so so tempting to want to be like someone else or look like someone else. And I love your description of how she treats others as the way that we are in this world is such an expression of our inner strength and spirit. What a beautiful, uplifting and inspiring acclamation. Great great job. xo

  5. This is really fantastic! I’m definitely bookmarking this so I can look at it whenever I need to.

  6. G.

    This sounds in line with PAX Programs ( Did you by chance take their curriculum?

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