TLS #88: how to access your intuition & find the answers you seek with Lynn Robinson (“Divine Intuition”)


Today’s Lively Show episode is all about my favorite subject: how to access your intuition in order to find the answers you’re seeking!

To dive into this topic, we’re talking with intuition expert and author, Lynn Robinson, about what the intuition is and how access the answers you seek inside yourself.

Lynn has written six books on intuition including Divine Intuition (which I loved), and she shares several practical tips to help us gain a deeper understanding of our intuition on the show.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is struggling to find clarity in some part of their life, or for anyone who wants to learn effective ways to access their intuition on a regular basis. 








  • The unusual circumstances that lead Lynn to begin working as an intuitive and get 500 clients within a month.
  • Her struggles with confidence when she first started her intuitive reading practice.
  • A few little ways you can begin to listen to your intuition when you’re busy and overwhelmed.
  • Why our intuition often leads us to a place of uncertainty and how to tell the difference between your intuition telling you not to do something and the normal fear of doing something new.
  • How we can access our intuitions and tune in to the innate knowledge that we have in our bodies.
  • The most effective type of questions to ask your intuition.
  • Lynn shares a 3-part technique that can help you when you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed.
  • Why only knowing the next right step in our lives can actually be a benefit.
  • What Lynn would tell someone just starting out on this journey.



My writing exercise to access your intuition

Divine Intuition

Six Ways to Supercharge Your Intuition

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  1. AndThenISawStars

    Great episode! Lynn really helped me understand the practical “how” of listening to your intuition. I had been missing that, despite listening to many of the other podcasts. I hope that you will bring her back occasionallyas a recurring guest.

    1. This is wonderful to hear! I am so glad Lynn’s suggestions were helpful for you. And I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for her as a returning guest, too. : )

  2. Maskwright

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for about a month now and this is the most helpful episode for me by far! I keep getting this reoccurring gut feeling to open my own business and listening to you and Lynn today has made me realize I need to dig deeper into this idea! I’m just really scared to be taking that big of a step so young and I’m so glad you two touched on that. I’ll definitely going to be reading more into following my intuition. Thank you!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Hun! I hope you get some great insight from your intuition about your business and next steps. In case you want to try the writing exercise I mentioned in the show that I’ve found to be super helpful, you can hear how to do it here; : )


  3. Listening to this show right now! This topic is very close to my heart and something that I’ve been getting better at and try to continue improving upon. Also getting very excited as you get closer to 100 episodes! Looking forward to all that you have coming up next!

    1. : ) That’s wonderful to hear, Lisa!

      And yes, we are getting close to triple digits- crazy!

  4. I loved this episode and the one with Brooke Castillo. I’ll be re-listening to them at least one more time to really soak in the wisdom. Also just purchased Lynn’s book and cant wait to listen to it!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Arianna! I hope they both help you as you begin to incorporate the steps in your life as well. : )

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