madsion and wellington: inspiration and a sneak peek

I’m getting close to launching Madison and Wellington online. Very close. So I think it might be a good idea to give a little bit of background about how I went about creating these new collections. An introduction, if you will. First, I will share what inspired both the Madison and Wellington collections:


A scarf is not a typical launching point for jewelry. But then again, neither of these collections are typical. I’ve chosen (thanks to you, wonderful friends) to branch out, to design which I believe is edgy, polished, and timeless all at once. For the first time in my ten years of jewelry design I am taking a real leap- putting a lot of thought and effort into individuality and theme, rather than trend and marketability.

For fall, I’ve evolved from the bright, bold look of Astor to a more muted, layered look. Perfect for sweaters, dresses, holiday parties, and my ever-present cardigans. Here are glimpses of the new styles.


Both collections have one overriding theme (which you might have guessed by now) executed in very different ways. Madison is filled with dozens of small Swarovski crystals in a sophisticated palette of navy, shade, black, and plum. These pieces are labor intensive and opulent without being fussy. They can turn a simple frock into a understated canvas. Wellington on the other hand is effortless and pairs with almost everything. This collection has easy pieces for everyday and geometric statements.

I’m excited to see what you all think of each collection, and to find out if a favorite collection emerges. So be sure to share your thoughts!

The Back Story

When I first started Jess LC full-time two years ago, I was successful because I recognized what store buyers were looking for in boutique jewelry: simple, classic jewelry at an affordable price (like the State St. collection). But as I’ve evolved Jess LC‘s online presence, people are actually excited to see what the new collections will look like.

For that reason I have pushed myself, stretched my designs in new directions. And I honestly believe you all have made me a better designer because of it. So thank you. Thank you for your support, purchases, and encouragement.

Though I cannot say where this collection will land Jess LC in the months to come, I feel these collections are game-changers. I’ve finally branched beyond what is safe, and that might land me in the spotlight or obscurity. Only time will tell.

[original inspiration photo]

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  1. KathrynwithaY

    Ooohhh!! I can’t wait. Even as a sneak peek, both styles look so pretty! Its difficult to find jewelry that can stand on their own with fall clothes (cardigans, sweaters, etc).

  2. Jill

    Way to go for taking a risk! I love what I see so far! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Audrey

    these little sneak peeks look great! can’t wait to see the final collections!

  4. I can’t wait to see the new goodies!
    The sneak peeks just got me so excited!!!

  5. Kate

    Gorgeous as always. Am SO excited to see the rest of Madison!

  6. Both Madison and Wellington are on-trend, so I can’t imagine they’ll land you in obscurity. Navy blue is emerging as the “it” accessory color this fall and mixed metals are staying strong. I have to admit I’m very excited by the sneak peek of the Madison.

  7. Jess

    @ All: Thanks so much for your compliments and encouragement. I am busy programming and the launch will be Tuesday, so stay tuned!

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