maggie’s dream report: week twenty-five

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I briefly thought about writing a post on Black Friday, which gets its name from the stores finally making enough sales to consider themselves “in the black” for the year. But selling a service is a little different from retail, which doesn’t make me the best expert on that subject. Instead I’ll focus on yesterday, the American Thanksgiving, and what I’m giving thanks for this year, especially since leaving my job almost six months ago.

1. Support, particularly from my sweet partner Ryan. We’re the best team and he really believes that I can make it work and be successful. We’ve been together almost six years and I know I wouldn’t have had the guts to take this leap without his unflagging support. He may not know much about pillows or furniture or mixing patterns, but he’s the best thing to happen to Maggie Rose Interiors.

2. My health. I had been to the doctor several times with scary symptoms that ended up being chalked up to stress. Since leaving my job, my health has improved dramatically, even though I still get tension headaches every now and then. But since my worry is about the work that I love, it’s worth it. And until I can afford some real health insurance, let’s hope I continue to be healthy! Yay vitamins!

3. Word of mouth. I’m so touched by all the people who I know in real life or only on the internet who have recommended me to a friend. Whether it’s forwarding my blog on to someone they know or bringing me up to a friend who needs decorating help, it all helps my business. Referrals are the best source of new clients and I love to hear that someone I know or have worked with has recommended me. I’m endless grateful to those of you who may have done so.

4. Time to focus on what I love. This is huge. I know all you Midnight Hustlers know what I’m talking about. I’m still learning how to harness this extra time to work most efficiently, but I can’t be more thankful to have that problem!

5. My readers and clients. Including YOU! I still pinch myself that everyday, people come to my blog (or to this column) and read what I have to say. And bonus – some people PAY me to play with fabric and pick colors and shop for furniture and make their homes pretty! When it comes down to it, this is the most awesome job ever and I hope I am always aware of how lucky I am to be doing work that I love.

6. The people I’ve met. Something I didn’t expect when I started blogging was how many of these awesome people I would eventually meet in person. And since launching the business full-time, more people have heard about me and want to meet, and I actually have the flexibility to do so! Having coffee or a martini with another entrepreneur or design-lover is endless inspiring to me and one of my favorite parts of my new life.

Thank you all for continuing to read my Dream Reports each week. I’m grateful for each one of you and for what the future has in store for you (hint: AMAZING things!).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maggie Morgan is an interior decorator in Seattle. Visit her website to see her work and read her blog, Maggie Rose.

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  1. AdeOla Fadumiye

    I am always in awe of people who are stepping out and doing what they love and are born to do. I launched a freelance writing business a few months ago and i tell you…i am thankful for exactly the same things you are thankful for, most especially for people that read my blog and have positive things to say.

    You are very welcome, and I really wish you all the best

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