maggie’s dream report: week twenty-three

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An update on the part-time job front

Several weeks ago I posted about my conflicted emotions over looking for a part-time job to help ease the financial burden of only having one steady household income. I didn’t discuss it at the time, but shortly after writing that post we were told that my boyfriend Ryan’s employer had been purchased by another company and there was a strong possibility that he would be let go in a months’ time. If he was not laid off, they were also offering temporary contracts to some of the employees. We didn’t dare plan on him being offered a new full-time position, but we certainly were hoping that would be the case.

Still, I was reluctant to throw myself back into any sort of office job. I was worried that the demands would prove to be more than part-time and that the gray cubicle and fluorescent lighting would be more than my spirit could take. This felt to me both as setting my boundaries and extremely selfish.

Several readers suggested retail, something that would expose me to beautiful products and learn more for the future of my own business. I looked into employment at a few of my favorite home stores but they weren’t hiring. I considered places like J.Crew and other clothing retailers I like, but kept dragging my heels. Nothing seemed to be the right fit.

Until an old friend from high school posted on Facebook about looking for a nanny for her one year old daughter. She was having trouble finding a day care that would take her part-time for the two days a week that she and her husband’s work schedules overlapped. I immediately felt compelled to contact her. The hours were right (about 10 per week over two days) and the pay was about the amount that Ryan and I had discussed I should be contributing Plus, singing the ABC’s and changing diapers sounded like a good break from sitting at my desk at home. I emailed her and we began discussing details.

The month of Ryan’s unknown future passed quickly — we squeezed in a doctor’s appointment and new glasses in case he lost his insurance during the merger. I had several client inquires to keep me busy. And on Halloween afternoon, Ryan emailed to say he’d been offered a full-time position with full benefits AND a title and pay promotion. Literally the best possible scenario.

But Ryan’s good job news didn’t mean I wouldn’t still take on a job. Earlier this week I had my “trial day” with my new little charge and we got along swimmingly. For a few hours I got to completely forget about the business, how clean my apartment was, and what was on my to-do list. I came back to my work unburdened by worry and with a fresh appreciation for my time. All in all, it feels like a win-win situation.

I feel like we have been extremely blessed in the last few months. Obviously some of Ryan’s coworkers did not make out so well and some entrepreneurs are forced into part-time jobs that they hate. So I’m very grateful for the way things have gone and it makes me believe that I’m still on the right path.

Maggie Morgan is an interior decorator in Seattle. Visit her website to see her work and read her blog, Maggie Rose.

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  1. Ann Marie

    That’s so great to hear! Your pt job does sound like a refreshing break from your at-home business ūüôā I hope that everything continues to go well!

  2. karlita

    some different activity is always necessary isn’t it? I thank I have my little baby daughter because otherwise I would be hypnotized in the computer the whole day.. she reminds me of everything I have to DO.. and its also some exercise to move with her and take her in my arms..
    PS. I am still applying the 5 minute tasks and 1 hour of writing = 1 hour of doing philosophy you were so kind to email about.. have had some great results and want to get better in the same technique. Thanks!

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