maggie’s dream report: week twenty-two

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Business Bucket List

The “Bucket List” is that list you have (formally or informally) of all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” It might mean climbing Mt. Everest, learning the violin, or something more attainable, like skinny-dipping. For my business, I think of the bucket list as all things I dream of for my business (the bucket is handy for alliteration!)

In my personal life, I’m of the informal bucket list variety… meaning I don’t have anything written down. But when I’m having a rough day, sometimes it helps to reflect on the future of Maggie Rose Interiors. I don’t think of how or when or “impossible!” when dreaming up these ideas. Just “what if…”

I’ve talked about purposeful daydreaming before… this is related, but not exactly the same. My bucket list is short items, my daydreaming is filling out one of those idea items into a full vision and then identifying related action. Both help me grow and focus. And I don’t call my bucket list items “goals” or even “intentions” because at this point, I’m not moving forward on these ideas directly. They are just someday.

Some of the items on my business bucket list…

1. Write a book
2. Have a project published in a big-deal magazine
3. Win an award
4. Design a line of furniture and/or fabrics
5. Have a project photographed by a famous photographer
6. Design a boutique hotel

What are some of your big out-there dreams that are there for someday in the future? Does thinking about them help you stay creative and inspired (like me), or does it stress you out?

Maggie Morgan is an interior decorator in Seattle. Visit her website to see her work and read her blog, Maggie Rose.

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  1. karla

    I would also like to write a book and have my house photographed by a professional… read more books and less magazines… diy at home.. amomg many others! thanks for sharing yours Maggie!

  2. Books seem to be on the agenda today! Someday I’d like to publish a photography book. Sometimes thinking about all the things I want to accomplish stresses me out, but most of the time they help me stay inspired!

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