make today special


(Watch the video here.)

Today I’d like to share a little story that happened this morning that could also make your day special.

And as I mention in the video, please share what you decide to do below in the comments to help pay it forward and inspire others to do the same!


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  1. Jessica Haile

    I had someone make my (already special) day special…Chris and I are trying to change my car’s brakes ourselves to save some money, but apparently we need really hard-to-find tools and parts. This morning, a mechanic that we’ve never met before actually loaned us one of his tools, which never ever happens! So awesome!

  2. Esmé

    Oh my gosh! I used to watch you on SPRING and I had no idea what happened to you! Then I spent forever downloading all of your desktop wallpapers and STILL didn’t know who you were until I looked at your About page. Yay! Found and (re)discovered!

  3. Natalie | Natalie Dressed

    Yes! Your enthusiasm is contagious, Jess. Giving to others has been something I’ve been working on, but, admittedly, is something that just doesn’t come naturally to me so reminders like this are genuinely appreciated!

  4. Linda

    Hi Jess,
    A couple of weeks ago, I attended a horse show to watch a friend ride her horse. I had my camera with me, so of course I filmed her event. Afterwards, I noticed the next competitor was an elderly gentleman on a large black horse. Since most of the competitors are teenagers and women under 25 y/o, a man in his 70’s does stand out!

    On a whim, I videoed Bryan & Oscar’s very successful ride. It was quite moving to see the wonderful bond between a man and his horse. I don’t know Bryan, so I left my name and email address with his friends in the crowd, as I wanted to give Bryan the YouTube URL for his video.

    A few days later Bryan wrote to me:

    “Linda, I just wanted to thank you for the video and pictures of Oscar (the horse) and myself. Oscar is thirteen years old and is a Percheron and Thoroughbred cross. We became partners in July 2007 and my trust in Oscar started me eventing in 2008. This July I’ll celebrate my 70th birthday and hope that Oscar and I will continue eventing as long as we can, as age is only a number.”

    Bryan’s wife mentioned in another email, that this is the only video they have of Bryan riding Oscar. It still brings tears to my eyes! I’m so glad I was there that day. 🙂

    1. Ann Marie Arquilla

      That is so cool! Loved this story 🙂

    2. This is so amazing! It’s brining tears to my eyes as well! Thank you for sharing Linda. And for thinking to do something so very special.

  5. erin

    way to go – you have such a knack for encouraging kindness… you’re so good at what you do! x

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