makeunder my finances: step one

Today I’d like to share a series my good friend Cathy of Fiscally Chic did on her blog titled Makeunder My Finances. She took my four step makeunder process and applied it to money.

Follow along as I re-post her money makeunder. Cathy herself is a blend of Martha Stewart and accountant – which means her blog is full of delicious recipes and solid financial advice. Enjoy!

Before overhauling your finances, think about your overall goal. Your goal could be saving money to buy a home, for retirement, to go on vacation, to have a cushion to start a business, or for your child’s college fund. You might also want to payoff debt: student loans, mortgage, or credit card. Maybe it’s for a new car. Your vision could be for your personal financial situation or for a business.

A Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oak Park, IL (I can dream, right?) source

Creating a vision will set the focus for the next three steps. So get as specific as you’d like. John (my husband) and I have several financial goals, including saving money for a house. This will be the example I’ll use throughout the “makeunder” series. Our vision includes the neighborhood, cost, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and when we’d like to start the home buying process. Some of these items may change over time, but the overall vision of a home is the foundation. Feel free to put together an inspiration board that you can see everyday. Or write down your vision and post it on the refrigerator door. Maybe you’ll write your goal and reminders on the calendar.


I hope you enjoy this series. As Jess puts it, a financial makeunder “takes the stress out of it in a way and doesn’t make everything good or bad, but intentional or not intentional.” The goal of this series is to help you examine why you spend money and your priorities instead of just “do this” and “don’t do that.” I want to help you put together a plan that works for your unique situation instead of just following a formula.

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  1. love this idea. i’m a brand newlywed on the verge of combining finances – can’t wait to follow along on this little project!

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