makeunder my march: under the bed/wardrobe

Good afternoon! In honor of Makeunder My March, I’m doing my first of several makeunders in my apartment. Today I tackled my wardrobe and storage under my bed. These were the two biggest areas for improvement in my space and I feel more peaceful knowing they now match my intention for this spring and summer. Take a look at the process for each below.

Makeunder: My Wardrobe

As I mentioned on Saturday’s End of the Week Exfoliation, a good friend of mine wanted to makeover her well-worn wardrobe last week. But with her husband in grad school, she didn’t have the resources to create a brand new look. So I decided to makeunder my spring wardrobe a bit earlier than usual in honor of her. Almost all of the items that I no longer envisioned wearing in the future looked beautiful on her. In fact, most items looked better on her frame than my own.

Two hours later, she left my apartment with a few dozen items and my closet felt a lot more intentional. It was truly a win-win.

And the best part? Many items I have previously exfoliated but haven’t donated to the Salvation Army (yet), worked for her. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Makeunder: Under The Bed

At the beginning of Makeunder My March, I admitted that though my apartment photographs well and looks pretty, there are still parts which are ugly and less than organized. One of the biggest problem areas for me was hiding under the bed. Since Erwin and I have no storage beyond our bedroom and hall closet, much of what we don’t need on a regular basis ends up lurking below our pillows.

Here’s what was hiding just below the beautiful pictures Becki took of the bedroom.

I reluctantly admit we do need to store some items under the bed. But at the same time, what we store and how it’s organized can definitely be improved. So here’s what I did:

To find out what needed to stay and what needed to be passed on, I pulled everything out from under the bed and looked at each item individually. The bags below contain what I decided to keep.

Here is what the underside of the bed looks like now:

Though much of the contents are still the same, I feel more peaceful knowing exactly what is in the bags and that each item actually serves our lives in some way. Keeping them organized in a row also makes it easy to find what I’m looking for. This storage has gone form unruly to intentional and that makes all the difference.

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  1. Kelley

    What an awesome way to sort through your wardrobe. I’m sure it’s much easier to get rid of stuff when you have a friend that will look beautiful in it.

    Maybe it’s too late for this, but it would be cool to see how one or two items looked on you, and on your friend. 🙂

  2. Nice work. I did the hall closet last night. Have you seen the Liberty of London collection for Target yet? They have some super cute storage bins! My closet is very chic these days! 🙂

  3. Way to go Jess! I am in need of doing the same thing! I think you might have just inspired me to tackle my closet and storage this weekend. Thanks!

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