makeunder my wardrobe: step four

First, I’d like to say a quick thank you to all of you who showed up last night at the first Business in the City event! I had such a great time meeting you all and hearing more about the businesses you are starting or thinking about starting. I’ll be posting in the weeks to come about the next event, right now I’m thinking that they will be roughly once a month.

And now, it’s time to get back to wrap up the makeunder of my wardrobe. So for those who are coming in a bit late to the party, here’s what I’ve covered so far:

Step One: Create a Vision

Step Two: Exfoliate Stuff

Step Three: Identify Intentional Obsessions

This final step is about reflecting on the progress that was made and continuing to reflect in the future.

Here is the before closet:

And here is the after:

Though there isn’t a drastic change, I can tell just by looking at the photos that I did accomplish what I set out to do; create a more dynamic closet by adding pieces that would take my basics to a new level. The red, mint, darker plaid, and dotted top all add some great new options for cardigans and jeans.

And… to follow up on step three, I found the perfect new boots to replace my sold out Tory Burch obsession.

These Etienne Aigner boots from Macy’s were a mere $159 compared to Tory’s $495 boots – which to me totally makes them a save. I love this new pair because it has so many of the features I loved about the expensive pair – durable brown leather, curved top, low heel, logo detail, and clean lines.

In fact, I saved so much on those new shoes that I decided to splurge a little on another pair of flats as well:

These Franco Sarto leopard flats were originally $89 on sale for $62 at Macy’s. I love the leopard print paired with a trim of black patent leather. Already I can see how mixing these shoes into my wardrobe is again, taking my basics to a new level.

Going forward, I plan to keep my list of intentional obsessions in mind when I go shopping throughout the rest of the year. But I also know that there isn’t that much to be added… so the lure of shopping isn’t quite what it used to be.

In general, I’d like to do this kind of makeunder to my wardrobe each spring and fall to really get a handle on what I want my wardrobe to be like, what I don’t need any longer, and what I do want to add.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my makeunder take shape and maybe even got a few ideas on how you can do the same thing to your own closet at some point down the road.

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  1. Hi Jess – long time reader, first time commenter! I just wanted to tell you how much I really enjoyed this segment. I’ve recently completed a big move from Atlanta to San Francisco and am in the process of rethinking my wardrobe to accomodate the different climate as well as my new career. Your posts really made me think about how I can go about this without blowing money on things I’ll just get rid of, or trying to buy things all at once without really thinking about what I actually need. I followed along with you and did each step as you posted it, and I’m happy to say my closet is in much better shape because of it!

    I probably have another round of going through things that I’m not wearing, and plan on using a tip from Peter Walsh that I thought some of your readers might like – I’m turning all of my hangers with the curve of the hook facing the back of the closet, rather than the normal front. Once I wear an item and it’s cleaned or put back on the hanger, I’m turning the hanger the correct way. I plan on giving myself 6 weeks, and whatever is left hanging the wrong way on the bar is going to get pulled and donated, because I obviously don’t need it.

    Thanks again for such a great, useful series!

  2. Liz

    I love your new additions, Jess! It was so fun to take part in this process!

  3. Cathy

    Great find with the boots! You’ll definitely get many years of use out of them. And those flats are also pretty fabulous! I picked up a leopard belt this season and have enjoyed spicing up my outfits with it.

  4. Excellent series, Jess! Those boots and flats you scored are super cute! They will definitely upgrade your fall wardrobe. All of your purchases are classic, chic, and so YOU (at least, it seems that way based on what I know of you…is it weird that I feel like we know each other?)

  5. Stacia

    Jess I loved this series. I have even sent the link to girlfriends. Thank you for your detailed posts! You are fab!

  6. Caitlin Brown

    I tried on those same boots at a Marshalls a few weeks ago and was SO disappointed when they didn’t fit. They are SUCH a great staple to have in your closet. You’ll wear them forever! Love it all ūüôā Congrats on your new wardrobe additions! I bet getting dressed is a lot more fun now :).

  7. Arianna Belle

    Love the boots you got Jess! I’ve been searching for the perfect pair. Are they comfortable? I might have to head over to Macys to see if I can finds some there for myself!

    1. Emily Cobena

      @ Arianna, I know I am late here, but just to know that did you find that or are you still searching for it? I bought some Wide calf boots ones at Newyork a few years ago by a company named wideshaft boot. I love them because I can adjust so they always look nice whether wearing over skirts or skinny jeans.

  8. Jess

    Thanks so much ladies, I’m glad you liked the series!

    Arianna, Thanks for your comment! Yes, they are pretty comfortable overall! They don’t have a ton of room in the calf, so if you have trouble with high boots and larger calves, I’d suggest the wider width ones – or, if you are smaller in the calf, the regular could be perfect : ).

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