makeunder my wardrobe: step two

Yesterday I shared the first step of making under my wardrobe, Create a Vision. After I decided what style I liked, learned how to create more pulled together looks, and figured out which fall trends I wanted to try, it was time to move on to my closet.

To get started on my closet, I took Jessica’s advice in What I Wore:

and then,

It was not the quickest process, but it was really enlightening and worthwhile. I discovered that a lot of stuff I normally passed over was actually quite cute and fit better than I remembered (which has not always been the case in the past, often many items need to be donated or passed on because they fit poorly).

There were also a few items that needed to be hemmed, mended, or ironed. Once they received a little TLC they were fine to put back into active duty.

I even exfoliated a pair of boots which were in good condition, but didn’t fit me that well. Luckily, they were a perfect fit for Michelle, an awesome lady manager at Jess LC.

This makeunder was unusual since there wasn’t that much to exfoliate. Most makeunders have much more exfoliated stuff.

My Tactics for Clearing the Clutter

For those with more trouble letting go of stuff after it’s no longer being needed, used, or loved, I recommend trying these tactics to help kick start the process:

End of the Week Exfoliation – At the end of each week, find something that you don’t need, use, or love and pass it on, donate, sell, recycle, or toss it out. This is like a gentle pruning process that is a great way to maintain a clutter free home.

Throw Out Fifty Things – Take some time to go through your home (or even just one room) and find 50 items that are no longer needed and again, pass them on, donate, sell, recycle, or toss them out – depending on the item.

What I Don’t Want for Christmas – Before the holidays hit, take some time to go through your home and find things that you wouldn’t put on your wish list and find them a new home.

Host a Free Garage Sale – Go through your home and find things you no longer need and host a garage sale on your blog or in real life and do it free of cost. (In the past when I’ve done this I did ask blog readers to cover the shipping costs, so you might want to do that as well.)

Summer Home Slim Down – See how many pounds of stuff you can lose from your home.


After I determined what was staying in my closet, I put it all back inside. This time I put the blouses and sleeveless tops together on the left, from light to dark and then put long sweaters, shirts, and cardigans together from light to dark as well.

In the past I did not separate these items into their own categories, and I think a lot of smaller tops got lost in the mix when it was all one mass of color coded clothing.

Now that the closet was in good working order and I had a clear understanding of what I had, it made the next step, Identifying Intentions, much easier. I’ll explain more about that tomorrow.


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  1. Helena

    First – I’m all for organizing clothing by color! It makes it easier to find things AND can show you when you have a LOT of one color (I used to have a lot of black).

    Second – I love that you found someone for the boots! My friends and I swap “pre-loved” clothing and it makes me so happy to see my old things get new life!

  2. I’ve gotten rid of so many clothes over the last few years from moving so much, and yet I still always find that if I’m honest with myself there is more to get rid of! Organizing my closet seems like a never ending process. Reading this inspiring me to start all over :). Trying everything on is such a smart idea. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of doing it!

  3. I am totally hooked on your wardrobe posts! It’s 1:06 AM right now on the west cost & I itching to clean out my closet! I will resist the urge. I will take a peek in there though right before bed & exfoliate at least one item.

  4. Jess

    Helena, I’m right there with you! I love seeing my Jess LC girls come in to work and have my clothing on – it often looks so much better on them and I’m glad to have let it go!

    Caitlin, I know! I’ve never taken the time to try it all on, but it was definitely worthwhile. I now have no excuse to pass over something in my closet any longer.

    Claudia, I hope you had a chance to clean out the closet – or maybe even this weekend?

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