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(paper from a craft project I worked on this weekend)

Hi Guys,

Can you believe it’s already Monday? I don’t know about you, but I certainly felt like I could have used an extra weekend day. I spent a lot of time on the past two hot, sunny days outside walking around- to the farmers market on Saturday and to Navy Pier (my favorite 7 mile walk in the city) on Sunday. These weekend walks always remind me why I chose to move to Chicago.

Speaking of moving, I have one month left in my lease before moving to my one bedroom on a lower level in this same building. While doing research on mattresses in order to purchase one for my new bedroom, I ended up actually buying one on Saturday. It’s lovely. Despite a bit of a dirt from the bag ripping on the bottom foot of the mattress (which allowed me to snag it for 70% off the original price), it is the most lovely, comfortable, bed I’ve ever laid on. I also plan to take all of your wonderful advice last week about the West Elm bed. My friend Crystal and I checked out the headboard in person at the West Elm store in Chicago and it’s ideal. Now it’s only a matter of saving up for it…

As for MML, I’m excited to finally have more time to sit down each day and prepare posts that I’ve meant to share for the past several weeks. One post in particular, about what to do when you are ready to find your purpose but don’t know what it is, is going to be really helpful for a lot of people (I hope). And then of course I also will be posting the next batch of blog Ambassadors for Jess LC as well!

Have a great week,

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  1. Janelle

    Hi Jess!!

    I read your post today and it’s like you read my mind – SO looking forward to the post on finding one’s purpose. It’s EXACTLY what I need right now and was just thinking about that very thing this week. I can’t wait to read it!!


  2. I’m excited for the upcoming post you mentioned! Also, my mom told me this weekend she purchased a few pair of earings from your ambassador logo on my blog. How cute!

  3. CB

    Great deal on the mattress!! That’s an exciting purchase.

    BTW, I saw Erica the other day (first time in several years!) and she was wearing one of your necklaces! ūüôā

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