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Hi Guys,

Good afternoon! I am a bit late in posting today because we had a secret sale this weekend for people on the Jess LC email list (sign up is on the top right of our homepage). There was such a huge response to the deal that I’ve been quite busy prepping, printing, and packing for Susie; and I only now have a moment between order filling to stop in and say hi.

While I’m on the topic of jewelry, I will also point out that we now have pre-order pages available to get the new, corrected braille necklaces as soon as they arrive (we are expecting pre-orders to ship to customers before September 1st).

In other news, I want to thank you all for the resounding response to last week’s more “feisty” posts. You have encouraged me to keep speaking what I believe and feeling more confident in what I want to say. I hope to bring more fearless posts in the future as well. Because, at the end of the day, whatever helps people design a better life is what I am trying to provide here on MML.

As far as the new apartment decorating goes, I appreciate all of your votes for the West Elm bed a few weeks back. I think you are totally right and I can’t wait to order the bed for September. I am now debating between arm chairs to go in the living room next to the big toffee colored sectional. I’m feeling these two yellow chairs on I prefer the fabric a bit more in this chair, but love the shape of this chair. What are your thoughts? Either one I think would look lovely paired with these chevron yellow/white curtains by Nena Von on Etsy…

(photo by Becki Schleis)

Since I’m talking about the details of the new place, it can’t hurt to do a shout out about two pieces of furniture that need to be passed on to new owners. The white loveseat in the header photo and this black desk are too large for the new space. I’m selling the white denim couch (an Ikea Ektorp loveseat priced at $579) for $300. Since the couch has been in our bedroom for most of it’s short three year life, it has got surprisingly little use and is crisp, clean with only a few smudges on the slipcover- which most likely will come out in the wash. And the new owner can even keep the adorable Dwell Studio pillow (shown) if they like. The couch is available for pick up anytime.

The desk has seen a bit more use but is still perfectly solid and great. There only major thing to note is some water stains on the top. I’m willing to part with the desk (originally from priced at $299) for just $80 if the new owner can pick it up sometime the week of August 30th. If you are interested in either of these two items and can come pick them up in East Lakeview, please email me at I’d rather have these items go to someone here on MML than a random stranger : ).

Have a great day,


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  1. Clara

    Just want to put in another good word for your recent posts. It’s always refreshing to see a blogger’s personality shine through. Life is about both successes and setbacks, joy and sadness, anticipation and regret. Admitting that we experience both and have feelings about both is simply, beautifully, human. Your candor and your generosity in sharing those elements of your inner life and business life that are appropriate for public consumption have kept me a loyal reader. They’ve inspired and helped me make my own way. Thanks.

    As to your wonderful decor choices, I love your choice of curtains! What a strong and modern statement they’ll make. I prefer the slipper chair because it too has a modern sensibility and will likely be more versatile in relation to other pieces you’ll incorporate. Have fun, and good luck!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it. It’s very ironic that I found it while taking a break from ‘making under’ my closet. I have 3 big bags of stuff to donate.

  3. I LOVE those curtains (as I told you on twitter!). I prefer the chair with arms, but I’m an arm-leaner. I actually prefer the fabric on the arm chair too, so for me it’s a double-win.

    I’m sure you’ll find someone to take the loveseat and desk – good finds for someone just starting out!

    I totally forgot to snap a photo of the three BIG bags of goodwill dropoff we made last weekend, plus my old rolling suitcase that would roll-no-more. One wheel needed some repair and we already have two others. But it felt good to donate stuff that really was useful, just doesn’t fit our lifestyle or needs anymore.

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