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(working from my parents’ deck last week)

Hi Guys,

I hope your weekends were great! Chicago has had quite the heatwave lately but yesterday the humidity and stickiness broke and gave way to a gorgeous and breezy afternoon. I spent it walking along the lakefront with a friend and catching up on chores like cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, and grocery shopping. I feel like the whirlwind of the Philly/NYC trip is finally settling and I’m excited to get caught up with work this week and move forward.

To be sure, there are a lot of online orders still left to fill from last week which Susie and I have worked hard to fill, by tomorrow my goal is to have everyone’s orders out the door and on their way. This Franklin discount has been incredible in terms of sheer volume and we are so excited to be toting so many packages to our UPS store each day. I’ve also been getting photos of our fall pendant designs and they look incredible. I cannot wait to wear a winter white and gold paisley necklace! But the samples being finished means that we are that much closer to doing a photo-shoot, lookbook, and collection launch. So I just need to take a deep breath, pace myself, and do the best I can to keep the momentum high.

This week I’m also excited to finally have time to really nail out some awesome posts here on MML. Since PR is a whole new animal for me, I will do my best to explain what my experience has been like. I won’t have lots of advice for others at this point, but I can speak first-hand from what I’ve seen with Jess LC.

Other than that, I am starting to reflect even more, if that’s possible, on what I want my new apartment to look like this September. I’ve signed a lease for a one bedroom in my current building which overlooks the roof deck and faces east, bringing lots of light into the space. One big purchase I will be making is a bed, and I’m still deciding between a West Elm bed and an bed. What do you think? Any suggestions? Until I make the choice, I’m on a “savings spree” through August.

Have a great week,


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  1. Brigitte

    Welcome back, Jess! I can’t wait to read about your desk-side experience. I’ve set them up…but I never attended them with my clients. That was for the higher-ups (this was earlier in my career).

    I looove that West Elm bed.

  2. Anna

    Welcome back, Jess! I like the West Elm bed. Great view from your parents’ house. Stay cool!

  3. Annie

    If it were me, I’d get the West Elm bed. Love those strong lines!

  4. Julie

    Can’t wait for the update on your trip to NYC! I vote for the West Elm bed, I think it would fit with any decor throughout the years to come.

  5. I like both. The overstock one is more traditional and would go with anything. The West Elm one seems a bit more modern and minimalist, but would go with a lot of things as well. Plus the west elm price tag is a little easier to swallow.

  6. Welcome home! I vote for the Overstock bed, even though it’s a little pricey – it reminds me of my bed-crush, the Colette from Crate and Barrel (which I won’t be getting because it IS too expensive!). I love the curvy shape of the headboard. So feminine and pretty!

  7. Jane

    I have the West Elm chunky platform bed in chocolate and I love it. West Elm is good quality modern furniture with a timeless edge. I also like the idea of making a big purchase such as furniture at a store. Even if you order it online it is still comforting to be able to see it in person. I am currently debating “to headboard” or “not to headboard” ;)!! My favorite is:

    Good luck and thank you for all your inspiring advice!!

  8. welcome back. my vote is also for the west elm – maybe it’s just me but i like a nice straight headboard for highlighting whatever art i hand above it. but then, i have a major hangup about balance and visual stress.

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