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Hi Guys,

Good morning! I hope you had a great Fourth of July for all you living in the U.S. My weekend was chock full of barbecues, fireworks, shopping (did anyone else notice some awesome sales?), and friends.

This week I have a narrow but deep schedule largely filled with getting the newest Chicago Collection, Franklin, launched on To be honest, I have been selling the necklaces to stores in Chicago over the past month or so, but haven’t leaked the new look here on MML or on Jess LC… yet. Since the response to the necklaces is so positive so far, I can’t wait to hear what you think about them once they go live. Ideally, I will have them available for sale on the site and will post about them tomorrow. But that all depends on how quickly I can compile the lookbook images from the Delightful Dozen and program the sales pages. So it may be safer to say by Thursday everything should be up and running.

Here’s a random trivia fact about the new collection, the intentional necklaces got their name from the street, Franklin, in downtown Chicago. Since I name all of my collections after streets in Chicago, this is not a huge surprise. But the reason I chose that street in particular is because I have had a “history crush” on Ben Franklin ever since I was a girl. And this is the perfect collection to name after him than one since it is focused on helping people become more intentional. If you’ve ever done any reading on Ben’s life, he spent several years trying to achieve moral perfection. Of course he was relatively unsuccessful, but the pursuit of “designing a life with intention” cannot be overlooked.

I also have some other fun plans for this week including a wine night with two of my great friends, Alaina and Crystal. You might know them by their blogs or by their new interior design magazine, Rue, which is launching in September. Crystal has been with Anne of The City Sage in NYC for over a week shooting some amazing interiors and I can’t wait to hear all the behind the scenes details tonight. And on Thursday I will be taking the day off to go on an annual trip to Six Flags with Erwin.

Other than that, I will start to make preparations for my trip to Philly/NYC in a few days. I leave next Wednesday for my parent’s house outside Philadelphia and will head to New York after a few days of relaxation.

I hope you have a great week,


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  1. Jill

    What a fun week! I just love Six Flags… what a fun way to cut loose and have fun! Also I am dying to see the intention necklaces and the look book with the Delightful Dozen! I’ll email you later this week about maybe getting the necklaces on the “it” list – it would be SO fun to feature them there!

  2. We had a pretty lazy weekend (Ryan was sick, I wasn’t feeling great either) so we pretty much hung out on the couch, got takeout, and watched movies. Yesterday we got out for some fireworks and a BBQ on the beach… but it started raining! May sound kind of boring, but it was great to get a restful weekend.

    Your upcoming week sounds like a ton of fun. I can’t wait to see the new Franklin design!

  3. Jen,

    I have a Ben Franklin crush myself and really enjoyed him in the John Adams mini-series which my sweetie and I just re-watched in honor of Independence Day.


  4. Stacey

    I cannot wait to see your new collection! The fact that you said you have a “history crush” on Ben Franklin totally made ma laugh. I love it!

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