makeunder step three: identify intentions

[originally posted May 29th, 2009]


Okay, back to the makeunder process, at step three the makeunder is almost complete! To review, we have talked about why I started this process and I’ve explained how to create a vision and exfoliate stuff.

  1. Create a vision
  2. Exfoliate stuff
  3. Identify intentions
  4. Reflect and evolve

Now that we have only things that we need/use/love and match our vision, we might find one of two things:

1.  We feel an immense sense of relief because for a long time we had been living with too much unnecessary ‘stuff’ in our lives. Our space is now livable, workable, and we enjoy spending time in the space (unlike before when we always felt stressed out by the mess and clutter).

2.  We feel empty because we might have recently gone through a transition which rendered a lot of our stuff “useless” in our new lifestyle. (Going from college to career, career to mommy, or mommy to career are all popular transitions.) Our vision has shifted, and now there are several things we need or want for our space to help create the vision become reality.

If you find yourself in emotional camp #1, rejoice! You will now feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and you may find you are more productive in your space. As you move forward and bring new items into your life, only bring in things that you will need/use/love and fit into your vision. Then remember to exfoliate another item you no longer need. Because it’s not quality that stresses us out, it’s quantity. It’s like weight maintenance, you have to keep your intake and output equal in order to remain at your goal weight.


And for those emotional #2 campers, here is where you get to have fun with the other side of making under- you get to makeover your space! But as you plan your makeover, start first by identifying what you need and will use that is present in your vision but not yet in your reality. Those things can now become ‘intentional obsessions.’ These items can be researched and the quality of the items should be the highest that you can afford if they are really important to your dreams. My new favorite way to look at this concept is captured in a phrase a Makeunder reader, Alix, shared “I’m too poor to afford anything but the very best.” Remember to be patient and acquire new items as you can afford without struggle, financially or emotionally.

This is a never ending process so you can relax and let things come together over time. And who knows, you might just find by the time you can actually afford something you’ve been longing for, your vision has shifted and it’s no longer an intentional obsession. So save your money and pace yourself.

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