makeunder your distractions

I came across this video on Rockstar Diaries this morning and thought it was a pretty interesting (read: kinda extreme) way to makeunder distractions. For me, the idea of letting go of distractions is great, but I find that my email intervention is a great method to calm the distractions in my off hours. Any other distraction techniques out there working well?

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  1. Tequila b

    Saw this yesterday as well, i really need to try this. Except how do i get my hostage out safely? DO you just sip the juice until its safe to move?

  2. Adriana

    Whoa – that is pretty extreme, though I imagine I’d personally need an intervention that intense to get away from my lap top (which unnaturally rules my life).

  3. Helena

    Haha, Tequila, I was thinking the same thing! Eventually you will HAVE to free your phone and computer.

  4. Nikell

    Ha! I love it! Thanks for sharing. As a fashion fanatic, my mouth dropped open when I saw the grape juice getting dangerously close to spilling over the edge of that pan. ^_^

    A technique I’ve been using is to leave my lap top turned off, in another room, and completely put away. When I get the urge to check my emails etc. I think twice because it’s not as easy as if the lap top were right next to me.

  5. Jess

    Tequila B, Helena, and Nikell great question! I was wondering the same thing…

    Adriana, hmmm…. maybe try the email intervention? We have another one coming up in a bit. I’ll be announcing the details soon : )

  6. Jess

    Nikell, your technique is great – it reminds me a bit of those that choose not to have ready made snacks at home so if they are hungry they need to go through the trouble of making something from scratch. Sometimes the extra effort thwarts minor urges to check email or eat sweets.

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