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This past weekend started with a bang. Friday night Erwin got tickets to see Macbeth at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. We enjoyed the play (I had never seen/read Macbeth before), and even scored front row seats.

Afterward we went to Southport Lanes (pictured above) and put tips in the bowling balls in order to win favor with the men setting up our pins behind the lane. This backfired however, as our particular “bowling pin manager” seemed to have a crush on Kathryn, the only one who ironically did not donate into the tip fund.* So it goes.

*Note: Though Kathryn did not tip the bowling pin manager, she did pay extra for other aspects of the event.

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  1. Danny

    I wish I would have made it out Friday.

    I read recently that Southport lanes was a speak easy with a brothel upstairs during prohibition.

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